They Don't Know About Us

"What is the difference between us anyway?" I practically yell. "The difference," he says, "is that I love you."

Lily Roberts is an upcoming star, Niall Horan is part of the biggest boy band in the world, what will happen when they are forced to date for publicity?


12. Chapter Eleven


I probably should be more upset but I wasn’t for some reason. I start my car and decide to head over to Niall’s since Zoey was mad at me. I arrive at his house about 10 minutes later and knock on his door. He answers it and lets me in.


“How did it go?” He asks eagerly.


“It didn’t.” I say.


“What?” He says confused.


“I got stood up.” I say.


“What? That’s terrible. I’m really sorry.” He says. I wave him off.


“It’s fine.” I say.


“No it isn’t. Can I get you anything?” He asks.


“I’m fine.” I say.


“Anything, you name it. Chips, popcorn, oh ice cream! Girls like ice cream.” He says pacing around the kitchen. I laugh.


“I’m fine I don’t need anything.” I say.


“You’re just saying that!” He says grabbing a spoon and a tub of ice cream. He hands it to me. I gave him a confused look.


“If you think I can eat this much ice cream, you’re crazy.” I say.


“That’s why I grabbed two spoons.” He says showing me the other spoon and smiling. “Oh girls also like movies!” He says rushing to his TV. He pats a seat on the couch for me to sit at. I go and sit down on the couch. “What’s your favorite movie?” He asks.


“Finding Nemo.” I say. He pops in the movie and sits down but stands right back up.


“Girls also like to be comfy!” He says. I laugh.


“How do you know all this stuff?” I ask.


“I don’t know I’ve seen the movies.” He says shrugging. “Stay here! I’ll be right back!” He says rushing into the other room. A few seconds later he comes back in with some hoodie and some pajama shorts. He hands them to me and points to the other room.


“I’m fine.” I say.


“No, go!” He demands. I laugh. I get up and walk into the other room to change. A few minutes later I came back out and sat back down.


“Better?” I ask playfully. He nods. He starts the movie and turns the lights off. “You know you didn’t have to do this, I’m fine. Really.” I say.


“No I did. Just trust me.” He says. I gave him a confused look and he just laughed. I fell asleep mid-movie and I think he did too. I woke up the next day at about 10:00.


“Crap.” I mutter to myself. I was late for school. I hop off the couch which wakes Niall up.


“You okay?” He asks as he rubs his eyes.

“Yeah, but I’m late for school.” I say.


“Just don’t go today.” He says.


“I can’t.” I say.


“And why not?” He asks raising an eyebrow. There were a bunch of reasons but I didn’t really want to leave. I shrug. “So just stay.” He says hopping off the couch and walking over to me. I sigh.


“Fine.” I say crossing my arms.


“Yay!” He cheers. That day we spent most of it just sitting around and talking. The boys came over for about an hour but left. At about 5:00 my phone starts ringing. My mom was on the other line.


“Hello?” I answer.


“I thought you said you slept over at school last night.” She says.


“I did.” I lie.


“Don’t lie. I know you didn’t because if you did you would have been at school today.” She says.


“I was.” I lie again.


“Then how come I got a call asking why you were out today?” She asks. I sigh. I was caught.


“Where are you?” She asks.


“Niall’s house.” I say.


“Who? Wait; is it that boy that we talked about?” She asks.


“Yeah.” I say. She sighed.


“Come home.” She says and hangs up. I could tell I was in serious trouble. I grab my clothes from last night and start to head for the door.


“I have to go, but I’ll text you later and I’ll get your clothes back to you next time I see you.” I say in one breath as I walk out the door. I hop into my car and drive back home. My mom was already waiting in the driveway when I got there. Wonder how long she was waiting out there. I get out of my car and my mom drags me inside. She leads me to the couch and I sit down. My dad was there too, oh great.


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