They Don't Know About Us

Chanel Brooke is a 17 year old girl who was adopted by a rich family. Chanel has a disease that her REAL family cannot fix, so she was put up for adoption. She meets this young, handsome, famous and talented lad who is so sweet, but he's actually her REAL brother from her REAL family. What happens next? Read to find out!


1. Me and My Life

Chanel's P.O.V.

I so love One Direction, especially the curly haired boy named Harry Styles. I love him cause we have so many things in common which is kinda weird. We both have hazel eyes, curly brown hair and lots more. I love my family and even my little brother Joey. He's so annoying that's why I like my sister Hailey better. I am a singer, model and actress, everyone thinks that I'm have a beautiful voice but I don't think so.

"CHANEL!!!!!" Hailey yelled from downstairs, "Breakfast is ready."

"Coming." I shouted back.

As I walked downstairs, my family greeted me good morning and my mom served me a plate of pancakes and a cup of apple juice.

"Thanks mom." I thanked her.

"Hey!!!!! Give it back." I yelled at Joey as he took one of my pancakes.

"HAHAHAHA NO TOO BAD." He's going down.

"Joey give it back and apologize." My dad said sternly.

"Sorry Chanel." Joey apologized.

"You'd better be." I said lowering my voice so my dad doesn't hear me.

And that's my family, I love them to death and I'll do anything to keep my parents happy.


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