A Devine Life

(Also on Wattpad.com) I guess I'll start off with my name. I'm Jade Avery Andrews. I'm a dancer in mind, body, and spirit. Fun fact about me: I have serious commitment issues. I am afraid to love because everyone I've ever loved has left me. Everyone, that is, except for my best friend, Celine. She is the only one I will ever love again. At least thats what I thought. Then, I met Josh Devine.


4. Snack Time!


     “So, Josh, where are we going?” I asked, trying to make things less awqward. “We’re going to the petrol station down the street to get some snacks.” He replied, running his fingers through his messy brown hair and making me melt. “If there’s not a massive crowd of people outside now, there will be one when we get back.” I said. He laughed at my fret. “Don’t worry. They know me around here. We’ll get back before it gets too crowded.” I thought about it, and decided to trust him. I hoped I didn’t regret it.

     In the car, the music was on a low volume and I could just make out the words of a Coldplay song. Viva La Vida I think it was. “So Harry said you play the drums?” I asked him. “Yeah. I play drums for One Direction. I also play piano, but not for the band.” I nodded. “So what do you do?” he asked me, catching me off guard. “Oh. I’m a dancer. I sing a bit too. Like when Celine writes a new song and needs backup vocals. I’ve always wanted to learn drums, though.” He looked over at me for a second and looked back at the road. I could see his smile. “Well maybe I could teach you sometime.” He said as we pulled up to the petrol station. We got out of the car and he opened the door for me again. I thanked him and walked in. We picked several bags of crisps and sweets along with a couple more packs of beer and put them on the counter to pay for. I took out my wallet to pay when Josh walked up behind me. “Could you please get me a bottle of water from the back?” He asked. “Yeah sure.” I said. I got the water and when I got back, all the stuff was in bags and Josh was putting his wallet away. “Josh you didn’t have to do that. I was going to pay for the stuff.” He smiled. “Well I guess its too late now, innit?” I rolled my eyes. “What about your water?” I asked him as he got the bags from the counter. “Oh I never really wanted it.” He replied and winked. He waited while I put the water back, and again, he opened the door for me on the way out. In the car, he got back to asking me questions. “So what’s your full name?” “Jade Avery Andrews. What about yours?” I asked back. “Joshua John Devine. That’s why everyone calls me JD, but I like it better when you call me Josh.” He said, looking at me briefly before returning his gaze on the road. I looked down and felt my face get hot. “Whatever, Drummer Boy.” I said, smiling. He was really sweet and really hot, but I wasn’t the relationship type. ‘The farthest I will go with this guy is a one-night-stand,’ I promised myself. ‘That’s it!’

     There was a lot of traffic on the way back from the petrol station, so what was supposed to be a ten minute outing, ended up taking an hour. When we got out of the car and to the back doors, there was a crowd of girls surrounding the doors. On our way through, a couple of them recognized Josh and asked for pictures. We finally got through and the security guards let us pass causing protest from the crowd of girls. We got back to the room and Niall jumped at the sight of food. “Thanks guys!” He said while looking through the bags in Josh’s arms. “You’re welcome Nialler.” Josh replied with a smile.

     For the next hour before the concert, we ate snacks, drank beer, and just talked. I got to know Harry a little bit better and decided that I approved of him. I learned that he is from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, his middle name is Edward, he loves cats, there are four other guys in the band he’s in, he has an older sister named Gemma, and much more. I learned nothing new about Ed because I already knew all there was to know. But I did learn things about Niall like he is from Mullingar, Westmeath in Ireland, he has an older brother named Greg, he is not naturally blonde, he loves food (and boy can he eat!) , his middle name is James, and much more. I found out that their three other bandmates were out doing things with their girlfriends. Niall was the only single one and he loved it! I also found out that Josh didn’t have a girlfriend. That made it all the more easier to work my magic. 

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