A Devine Life

(Also on Wattpad.com) I guess I'll start off with my name. I'm Jade Avery Andrews. I'm a dancer in mind, body, and spirit. Fun fact about me: I have serious commitment issues. I am afraid to love because everyone I've ever loved has left me. Everyone, that is, except for my best friend, Celine. She is the only one I will ever love again. At least thats what I thought. Then, I met Josh Devine.


3. J.D.


We walked down a long hallway and passed a bunch of doors until we reached one marked ‘Ed Sheeran’. I started to freak out on the inside, but on the outside, I stayed calm. I heard music coming from behind the door as Harry opened it. Inside, there were a couple of couches, a small table with a vase of flowers on it, a mini fridge, a tv, and a few speakers in the corners of the room. There were about 5 people including the one and only Edward Sheeran himself. He walked over to us with a blonde guy next to him. “Hey. You must be the Celine girl Haz is always talking about.” He said looking at Celine. I could tell she was trying not to fangirl and I was too. “Yeah. That’s me.” She replied shyly. “I’m Ed.” Celine giggled a little bit before saying “I know.” He smiled and turned to me. “What’s your name love?” I blushed and giggled a little bit. “I’m Jade. Celine’s best friend.” “Nice to meet you.” He said, holding out his hand for me to shake. I shook his in disbelief. “I like your shirt.” He said, pointing to my Ed Sheeran shirt. I blushed again. “Thanks.” I replied. Then, I noticed the blonde guy next to Ed. Harry seemed to remember too because he said, “Celine, Jade, this is Niall, one of my bandmates. Niall this is my girlfriend Celine and her best friend Jade.” We said hi and he said hi back. After an awqward moment, Harry turned to Niall and asked, “Where’s JD?” “Oh. He went to go find some drinks.” Niall replied. Just then, an attractive guy walked through the door holding an 8 pack of beer. He started to speak but stopped when he saw Celine and I. “Oh. Hello.” He said with a slight smile. I watched him put the beers on the table. “Sorry. I would have brought some for you guys.” His blue eyes met mine and I couldn’t help but smile. “No, its okay.” I said as he smiled at me. Then, Harry spoke. “Yeah sorry Josh. This is my girlfriend Celine and her best friend Jade.” He said, pointing to us. “Girls, this is our drummer, Josh.” “But everyone calls me JD.” Josh said, holding out his hand for us to shake, First Celine, then me. Our eyes met again and I blushed and looked down. “Yes, I was getting there, Joshua.” Harry said smiling. “Well I need to go get more beer.” Josh said, raising his eyebrows. “Could you get some snacks too please!?” Niall asked. “Sure, Nialler.”  He replied. “I’ll need some company, though. Jade, want to come with?” He asked, looking at me. I turned to Celine with a pleading look in my hazel eyes.  She nodded slightly and winked at me. I turned back to Josh. “Sure.” I said. I checked the time on my phone and saw that we still had two hours until the concert started. He opened the door and walked out behind me.

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