If you only Knew...

It's a week before Brianna's daughter Darcy's wedding and Darcy's father Harry Styles had abandoned her when she was 15 . In the next 5 years Darcy experiences a lot and her father was never there for her. In this change of circumstances will he show up to be the heroic father he is pictured to be or have his daughter empty handed walking down the aisle? Read this and learn more...


6. Unforgetable Memories

Sorry to all my readers the other chapters were a bit intense so I'm toning it down a bit now. Hope you guys enjoy them! Love you!!

Brianna's POV

" I also remember a lot of sweet things that he did for me when we first started dating" I said.

" Tell me!!" Darcy said pleadingly so I did.

Our second date we had alone on a beach under the night sky.

" That's something you'd do in a movie!" Darcy scoffed.

" And those movies always have happy endings now don't they?" I replied.

" You got a point there" Darcy admitted. So I continued with the story.

We ate some food and we tried shooting grapes in each others mouths. We couldn't contain ourselves and we laughed endlessly. When all the grapes were gone and our stomachs ached from laughing too much we lied down. The sky was so beautiful and the stars were all shining brightly.

" It's so beautiful" I gasped 

" Not as beautiful as you" he replied.

"Cheeeesy" Darcy said butting in yet once again.

" If you think that's cheesy, one of your dads favourite movies is Note Book." I replied

Once it was pouring outside and we were both in onsies cuddling scarfing down Ben and Jerrys. At the end of the movie we finished one whole box of tissues and were crying like crazy. Your dad said he wanted to use the washroom so he left. 15 minutes later he still wasn't back back and I got worried so I went to check on him. I was surprised that he wasn't there. I looked everywhere, but finally I opened the front door and he was out side shivering in the freezing cold

" What're you doin out there!?" I yelled.

" Well, it took you long enough!" he yelled back

" Get back in here!" I said waving my arms for him to come in.

" I'm not coming in until you come out here!" he said. So reluctantly I did go out in the pouring rain and I was soaked instantly. As soon as I got outside he grabbed me towards him and he kissed me passionately, his lips were soft and delicate against mine and I loved the whole 2 minutes it lasted.

" I geuss I'll check kissing in the rain off my bucketlist" I said

" Same here" he replied smiling his cheeky little smile. 

" What about me when I was little?" Darcy pouted

"Fine  I'll talk about the times when you were little" I replied I still can't forget those times where I'd come home from work when you were about 1 and the whole  house would be a mess and I'd walk into the living room and see you and your dad sleeping on the couch peacefully. Or whenever you heard the song from Barney that goes like

" I love you, you love me we're a happy family..." You and your dad would turn around and sing it to me.

One of my favourite memories was when it was our first mother's day as a family and Harry tried to make me some breakfast and Darcy watched and giggled in her high chair. Harry burnt the toast and the food coloring turned into one big black gob in the middle of the toast but I loved it anyways. Harry carrying Darcy in one arm and the plate in the other. My other favourite memory was when Darcy was 5 and was in the phase where she believed in Santa Claus, fairies and princesses and all that. When it was Christmas Day she saw all her presents from Santa but didn't see Santa so she got upset and had a fit. In the middle of the fit  I heard

"Ho,ho, ho Merry Christmas!"

" Did you hear that!" I said excitedly to Darcy. She nodded her head happily. Suddenly lumbering in was big ol' Santa Claus but I knew those peircing green eyes anywhere.Harry had come home from his tour Darcy didn't notice and I played along. 

Finally after a lot of hugging Santa said

" It's time for me to go and spread joy to other kids around the world!" Darcy nodded in agreement and Santa was off. A couple minutes later Harry walks into the room and said

" I'm Home!" and Darcy screamed and ran into the awaiting arms of her father while I cried tears of joy. 

" This is the perfect christmas ever!!" Darcy exclaimed

" I got everything I ever wanted! Santa Claus and Daddy!"




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