If you only Knew...

It's a week before Brianna's daughter Darcy's wedding and Darcy's father Harry Styles had abandoned her when she was 15 . In the next 5 years Darcy experiences a lot and her father was never there for her. In this change of circumstances will he show up to be the heroic father he is pictured to be or have his daughter empty handed walking down the aisle? Read this and learn more...


10. Twitter

Brianna's POV

I woke up to the vibrating to the vibrating of my cellphone. I sighed and opened my eyes. I looked up and could see Harry"s dreamy face. It was so cute. My phone vibrated again so I decided to turn my cellphone on and I immediately saw why I had 365 twitter notifications. I opened my twitter and saw what all the commotion was about Harry posted a picture of me asleep on his lap with the caption that said

" My sleeping Beauty :) .xx" He was so sweet! I loved him so much! there were always some haters so I read some of the comments one said

"@Harry_Styles Don't you mean you're sleeping whore!" but there were some nice ones too that said

"@Harry_Styles Awwwe! You two are so cute! I love you both .XOXO" I was so surprised though because even Hary's mom commented and she said

"This beautiful girl doesn't deserve all this hate! I am in complete support of Harry and Brianna, they are a beautiful couple .xoxoxo"  Harry's mom is the most kindest  person ever! Suddenly I felt moving beside me and realized Harry was waking up. 

"Morning Beautiful" he said groggily.

"Morning" I replied.

"What time is it?" he asked

"9:30" I said after checking my phone

"What!?" he said shooting up to a sitting position

"9:30 Why?" I asked

"I have to be in the studio at 10:00" he replied.

"Well you better get moving" I said yawning

" You're coming with me" He replied stretching his arms

"What!?" I said. Now it was my turn to be surprised.

" Yup it's bring your girlfriend to work day" he said cheekily. So we quickly got changed (I borowed some of Gemma's clothes) and headed out the door. In a matter of minutes we were at the studio and fighting through the crowd of fans. Luckily Paul came out and helped us through. Once we finally got in I was out of breath.

" You'll get used to it" Paul said

" By the way I'm Paul, One Direction's executive bodyguard" he said shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you Paul, I'm Brianna Harry's girlfriend" I replied smiling.

" You sure know how to pick 'em" Paul saidto Harry chuckling, while I blushed. We went into the recording room and I saw the girls chilling out on the couch while the boys were with the producer talking about the new album. When we entered Louis looked up and said

" Tsk.. Tsk 10 minutes late"

"Sorry mate, we got held up in traffic" Harry replied winking at me. He went off to sit with the boys and I went and sat with the girls.

"Oooohhh what's the real reason you were late?" Clare asked

"Ugh!Slept in" I said.

"Suuurrre" Kaylin replied.

"Anyone got any food? We couldn't get any cause we rushed over here" I said

"I got food!" Clare said

"Niall got hungry on the way here.

"Thanks" I said when she handed me a burger.

"Okay Liam you're up first!" the producer said

"Woooo! Go Leeyum!" Beatrix said. Liam go in the booth and started singing his parts.

" Hey did you see the picture Harry posted on twitter?" Sam asked.

"Yup first thing in the morning" I replied. Harry walked over and sat on my lap like a little child. 

"Awwwwe!" I heard Beatrix say. Niall came over and started cuddling with Clare, Louis went over to Kaylin and kissed her on the cheek and Zayn went over to Sam and gave her a huge hug. Everybody was so happy and it felt so good in the room we had a good vibe going on. Beatrix pouted and said

"No fair! Liam's recording a song while everybody's cuddling and kissing"

" Come join our hug then" Sam said waving her over and reluctantly she walked over and they all had a group hug. Suddenly Liam was back in the room and Beatrix ran back towards him and gave him kisses.

"Harry, you're next!" The producer called out so Harry gave me a kiss and moved into the recording room. The whole day was like that boys taking turns going into the recording room. Finally at the end of the day everybody was so tired and so we all came out and the boys took a couple pictures with fans and signed some autographs and suddenly we were off again to some kind of reunion of the X-factor on the show Red or Black.





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