If you only Knew...

It's a week before Brianna's daughter Darcy's wedding and Darcy's father Harry Styles had abandoned her when she was 15 . In the next 5 years Darcy experiences a lot and her father was never there for her. In this change of circumstances will he show up to be the heroic father he is pictured to be or have his daughter empty handed walking down the aisle? Read this and learn more...


16. Telling the Boys

Brianna's POV

Harry lifted my chin up with his finger. He tried to wipe away my tears and he smiled

"Sweetheart, it's alright. This will be our baby and I'll love him or her as much as I love you. I've always wanted a little me running around the house, I didn't expect it to be this soon but we'll be okay" He said.

"Wh..wha..what...are ...we supposed to do" I said choking on my sobs. Harry wrapped me up in a hug. He picked me up and laid me on the couch. He sat down on the ground beside the sofa. 

"We'll have to tell Paul and the boys and my mom, but we won't tell anyone else ok? He said

"Ok.." I said weirdly feeling sleepy. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

When I woke up Harry was asleep on my not so big belly yet... and he was hugging it. I smiled and tried to get up without waking him up but he did.

"Sorry to wake you babe" I said

"It's alright, we should get going anyways." he said kissing my belly. So after we got dressed and ate we left. We got to Louis' and Kaylin's flat where all the boys were at that morning. When we walked in I was holding Harry's hand and I queezed it. He gently squeezed back. Then we both sat down on the couch.

"Guy's I have to tell you all something" I said. So they all went and gathered around me and Harry on the couch which made me more nervous. In instinct I started to rub my belly and I started to say

"Uhh... guys.... I'm kinda umm.. I'm.. Pre-"

"Eeeeeeep!!!" Beatrix suddenly exclaimed. I was glad i didn't have to finish the word. 

"Holy Carrotcake!! How'd that happen?" Louis exclaimed. Harry and I raised our eyebrows and said

"Do you really want to know that?"

"Yeah.. lets not go there" Zayn said.

"Is it a girl or boy?" Liam said.

"We don't know yet" Harry said.

"We should name him/her NANDO'S" Niall yelled out then suddenly everybody was screaming out names and I was getting a headache.

"SHUT UP" Harry said reading my mind.

"What about the wedding?" Kaylin asked.

"Well I think we should do it after I have the baby" I said

Are you sure?" Harry asked.

"Yes I'm pretty sure" I said sighing and leaning back in exhaustion. Suddenly the phone rang, it was Anne. Harry answered the phone.


"Hi mum!"

"I'm great and you?"

" Uhh... how'd you know that?"

She's about I think 1 month in already"

"Yup, she's fine. Yup I'll take her to the doctor's now?

"Kk, I love ya! Bye" He hung up the phone and sighed.

"Let's go to the doctor's office" he said to me getting his keys and standing up.


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