If you only Knew...

It's a week before Brianna's daughter Darcy's wedding and Darcy's father Harry Styles had abandoned her when she was 15 . In the next 5 years Darcy experiences a lot and her father was never there for her. In this change of circumstances will he show up to be the heroic father he is pictured to be or have his daughter empty handed walking down the aisle? Read this and learn more...


22. Delivery

Brianna's POV

Well, now I was 8 months pregnant and the horomones were coming in and out. Some days I would be all happy and life was all beautiful. Next day I'm Godzilla. I just really wanted to get this baby out. A lot of people already knew I was pregnant because it was already definetely showing. At first I got a lot of hate but later on it died down. I was happy I was 8 months in actually the last three days til I was 9 months. We decided to celebrate Harry's birthday early and it was already getting exciting. The boys had decorated the hotel room really amazing and Louis was out having a bro to bro day with him. They have such a cute bromance. Anyways I was just sitting on the couch of the hotel room, feeling really tired. Hours later everything was prepared and I was so happy. Harry finally walked through the door and we all shouted

"SURPRISE" the look on his face was priceless.

"Thank You everyone!!" He said giving each of the guests a hug in turn. When he came to me he gave me a passionate kiss which made my lips tingle. The party was pretty fun but I mostly sat down greeting guests. At the end he finally said Thank You to all the guests as they headed out the door. He finally came to me kissed my big belly and said

"Thank You for everything you did, but all I'll ever need is You, the boys, my family and Darcy" he said smiling at my belly.

"Oh.. So her names Darcy?" I said with raised eyebrows.

"If that's ok with you" he said giving me the puppy dog face. I was a sucker to that so I agreed. I really did like the name Darcy. That night I fell asleep to the sound of him singing Little Things to me.

The next morning Harry and I rushed off to the airport. We decided to have Darcy in London. So we flew back, me asleep for the most of the time. When we arrived none of the fans knew we were there because they thought we were still in the states so it was pretty quiet. Once we got to Harry`s flat his mom and sister showed us Darcy`s room. It was so cute.. No it was ADORABLE. It looked like a little Princess castle and on the door there was a cute little sign that said

"Princess Darcy" It was all so adorable. A couple hours later we were home alone and we were both asleep. Suddenly a sharp pain like a million nails and saws and everything sharp was piercing into my belly. It was finally time. I woke up Harry who was groggy at first but came to attention when I said that Darcy was coming. He rushed us off to the hospital. 

That morning Feburary 1 at 7:30 a.m. Darcy was born. I had passed out after because of the exhaustion but when I waked up I was almost in tears of joy because of what I saw. Across from me rocking back and forth and singing "Isn`t She Lovely" was Harry smiling down at a little bundle he gently held in his arms that I knew was our beautiful baby Darcy. Harry saw that I was awake and quietly said

"ohh.. look mommy`s awake!" and walked over to me and gently handed her over to me. I gasped as I looked down into the bundle. In my arms I held a baby , who had the perfect tiny light brown curls, piercing green eyes that sparkled like emeralds, small tiny plump lips and cute little dimples that showed when she smiled. In my arms I held...

Darcy Styles

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