If you only Knew...

It's a week before Brianna's daughter Darcy's wedding and Darcy's father Harry Styles had abandoned her when she was 15 . In the next 5 years Darcy experiences a lot and her father was never there for her. In this change of circumstances will he show up to be the heroic father he is pictured to be or have his daughter empty handed walking down the aisle? Read this and learn more...


24. Back Home

Brianna's POV

That day Harry brought Darcy and I home. She slept peacefully the whole ride home and didn't get up once. She was a deep sleeper. Once we got home Harry and I were so exhausted so we plopped onto our bed with Darcy in the middle sleeping between us and Harry putting a protective arm around her. 

A couple of hours later I woke up and turned around to my other side and found Harry sound asleep with little Darcy sleeping on his chest, her body moving up and down when Harry breathed. I quickly took a picture and sent it to the girls with the caption of

"My sleeping babies :)" I immediately got texts back. I moved down to the kitchen and fixed Harry and I PB and J sandwiches and Darcy a bottle of milk. Just at the moment I could hear Darcy crying. I quickly took the bottle and sandwiches and walked up the stairs. As soon as I got up the stairs I could see Harry leaning on his side looking down on Darcy and rubbing her belly while humming "I love you, You love me" to Darcy. Her crying was dying down. I went into the room and put the sandwiches down onto the table. I gently took Darcy off the bed and cradled her in my arms and gently put the bottle in her mouth. She started drinking.

"I Love You" Harry said leaning up and giving me a kiss.

"I Love You too" I said smiling into his green eyes.

"Do you wanna come to the concert with Darcy tonight?" Harry asked smiling.

"I don't Know, It might be a bit too much for the baby" I said cradling her gently.

"The security made a special plan for you and Darcy" he said eagerly

"Hmmmm" I said thoughtfully.

"Please??" he said

"Fine, But if it gets too crazy we're leaving right away" I said dead serious.

"Okay" he said lying back down.

A couple hours later I changed into some cute bright blue jeans and a cute shirt. I put Darcy into a pink shirt that said "Daddy's Girl" on it and some leggings. The boys drove in a seperate car as I so they could drive the fans away. I came into the studio in the back carrying Darcy. I met the boys in the dressing room. As soon as I came in through the door carrying Darcy everyone but Harry jumped up and rushed over to me.

"Don't crowd to much you'll scare the baby" I said concerned. Harry sat back in a chair amused.

"Come to Ni-i-all" Niall exclaimed raising his arms and put it around Darcy and she immediately started crying. 

"Shhh... It's Okay" I said to her cradling her and rocking back and forth.

"Give her some time Niall" I said trying to make him feel better. 

"Boys! Time to go on stage!" Paul said rushing into the room.

"Okay Bye!" Niall said shaking Darcy's hand.

"Bye Babe, Stay safe" Harry said giving Darcy and I a kiss. The girls stayed behind and each took turns holding Darcy.

Probably in the middle of the concert Paul rushed in and said

"Brianna, Harry wants you to bring Darcy to stage right" ushering me out the door. I had a bad idea about this. Before we even got onto stage I could hear the fan girls piercing screams. Darcy had began to wake up and started squirming uncomfortably. I started feeling nervous.

"It's okay, Harry will keep her safe" Paul said almost reading my mind. I got onto stage right behind the curtains and the girls screams were even more ear splitting and Darcy began wailing and I tried to calm her down. Paul said something into a walkie talkie and almost immediately the boys turned to stage right and smiled at me.

"Okay, girls I'm going to need you all to quiet down" Liam started saying but the girls kept on screaming. 

"STOOOOOOOOOP" the quiet Zayn screamed. All the girls suddenly stared in shock.

"Thanks" Harry said patting Zayn on the back.

"Well, I'm going to bring something out, but if you girls scream you'll ruin it and I won't be able to bring it out" Harry said cautiously and all the girls nodded in agreement not saying a word. Slowly Harry walked up to me and gently took the wailing Darcy. He rocked her back and forth for a while and whispered in my ear

"She'll be fine, Don't worry" and then took her on stage. She had stopped crying and began smiling. When he showed her in front of the stage all the girls gasped.

"This is my daughter, Darcy. This is all I could ever dream of and I love her with my whole heart. I hope you love her as much as I do. She's my Life" He rocked her back and forth for awhile then handed her back to me in the curtains.

"You're a great father" I told him when he gave her to me. He smiled and went back on stage. As I walked back I could hear the girls screaming


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