Button Peirce is a misunderstood eighteen year old girl from Australia. She may be pretty and have the bluest eyes in the world but her eyes have cried the most tears and her smile hides the darkest secrets. She meets a group of boys who could have just walked pass her as she lay on the sidewalk but they helped and made her feel loved but it was all Unspoken.


1. Button Pierce

"Wake up now you little witch"my dad yelled flipping my mattress. He hit me a few times but nothing new. He yanked my black hair and dragged me down the stairs into the cafe after i got dressed. I worked here with him and a few fifty year olds. "Get to work"he said throwing me my sponge. I stood up "no"I said my bravery surprising me but not as much as what he did next. He grabbed a knife and stabbed me two times in my stomach. I ran before he killed me, I ran until I couldn't see anything because of my tears and my head hurt. I knew I was bleeding a lot so I just lied down and closed my eyes. LOUIS' POV I was walking with the lads when Niall saw a girl in the alleyway. I ran over to her. She was bloody and beautiful with her long hair spread out around her. "Hey are you okay"I asked and she stirred "he stabbed me his own flesh and blood"she said half asleep. Niall called 9-1-1 and she laid in my lap her breathing slowing down "NIALL HURRY SHE IS GOING"I shouted looking at Harry who was pacing back and forth. Zayn and Liam were comforting Harry Niall was on the phone and here was the dying girl in my lap I had to do something fast. I scooped her up and started running Harry Liam Zayn and Niall following close behind. We arrived about five minutes later and ran inside. I hope she will be okay.

BUTTON'S POV I woke up in a white room and five boys beside me. "Your awake good" the blonde one said and I instantly knew he was Irish. "Yeah"I said my accent filling every crevasse of the word. "Australian huh mate"the boy with black hair like me asked and I nodded. I looked out the window and it was bright. "It's hot out"I said sitting up pain shooting through out my body. "Take it easy you lost a lot of blood"a boy with curls springing from his head said standing up. His kind green eyes looking into my sea blue eyes "well that's easier said than done"I said smiling. "Aren't you that boy band everyone screams about all the time"I said confused. "Yep that's us"I laughed a little. "Girls in my class plan their future with you guys, to have you all wrapped around their finger and fall in love"I said looking down "nobody likes me at all I am a loner who sits behind a book all day and is abused by her father, who's mother died and everyone thinks she is suicidal and all but I don't give a damn what people think"I said all in one breath and smiled embarrassedly "well we noticed you and like you too so not everybody dislikes you"the curly haired boy said. "Okay so you Harry your Zayn you are Louis you sir are Niall and you must be the "prince charming Liam " every girl talks about"I said and I got all of their names right. "So you are"they asked.

"Button Pierce"I answered looking out the window as a tear slid down my cheek. "Are you okay"Harry asked. "Huh yeah just remembering what happened" I said and he asked "what happened"and I faced him "long story"I said "oh well you seem to be better so you can tell us while we drive you hom-"before Louis could finish I yelled "NO I CAN'T" and he nodded giving me a pair of pants and a shirt and socks plus my supra's and left me to get dressed. I finished getting ready and walked out putting my hair up in a ponytail and my dad was there.

"Well well the little witch found friends"he said stepping closer to me. "Where are they"I asked "eating but they won't miss you" he said making me hurt inside. "LEAVE ME ALONE"I yelled throwing a plant at him before running out the door. I ran to the cafeteria seeing the boys laughing. "LIAM"I yelled but my scream was muffled by a hand over me mouth. Good thing they heard me a little and ran towards me. The hand let go and my dad ran away. "What happened"they all asked. "He was in my room he tried to get me he is after me please get me out of here please"I begged and they agreed to it. I needed to hide and fast

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