Your My Other Piece

Hayden Perry is a 19 yr old girl. She lives in London, England and she loves to take pictures everywhere she goes. Then one day in the local park while taking pictures, she spots the most perfect man she has ever seen. But when her abusive ex-boyfriend comes back to haunt her she decides she cant take her own life anymore. This is my first story ever and I don't know if I'm a good writer so I hope you like it! :) xx


2. The Park

Hayden's POV:

I was at home. I grabbed my camera, my car keys, and my phone and I was off. I loved visiting the park. It was so peaceful and relaxing. When I arrived, I took my camera and went to my favorite place to take pictures. It was an old wooden bench right next to the giant lake in the canter of the park. I had taken many pictures there like of birds, clouds, and just nature in general, nothing big. When I sat down I heard the usual creaking of the bench, making you feel like you were about to fall flat on the ground .I looked around, looking for something to take a picture of, and there he was, the most handsome boy I had ever seen. He had the most luscious brown curls, and beautiful green eyes. He was talking on his phone to someone. He was sitting on the bench opposite of the lake and the rising sun was hitting him just right. "If I take a few pictures of him maybe he won't notice." I thought to myself. I took my camera out and I pressed the ZOOM button just enough so I still saw his entire body. After a few pictures he started to make weird faces while talking on the phone. I didn't know why he was doing this, I thought he was only making the faces because of the person he was talking to, but then he got up from the bench and started walking over to me! "Oh, No!", I thought, "He saw me, now I look like a complete idiot!"  I knew now that on the outside I was blushing madly. The boy came around and sat on the other side of the old bench.

"I saw you were taking pictures of me, eh? Did you like what you saw?" He said very cheekily.

"I'm so sorry, I come here every day and there is noting exciting to ever take pictures of, so when I saw you I thought I would steal a few shots." I said.

 I suddenly got lost in his beautiful eyes when we made eye contact. They were just so bright and hypnotizing .

"Let me introduce myself, I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He said reaching out his hand. "I'm Hayden, Hayden Perry." We shook hands then after a few seconds he asked, "May I have your number?" "Sure" We exchanged phones and  I saved my contact as "Hayden's Amazing", just for kicks.

"May I say, You have the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen." He said smiling and handing me my phone. "Thank you and yours aren't bad either." I said smiling like an idiot and giggling a little. "Well I must be going, I have a very important meeting to go to. I'll call you later?" He said.

"Yes, Sure, Definitely " I said making myself sound stupid. 

"Wonderful" he said and he left, walking into town with the sun hitting him just perfectly. 

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