Your My Other Piece

Hayden Perry is a 19 yr old girl. She lives in London, England and she loves to take pictures everywhere she goes. Then one day in the local park while taking pictures, she spots the most perfect man she has ever seen. But when her abusive ex-boyfriend comes back to haunt her she decides she cant take her own life anymore. This is my first story ever and I don't know if I'm a good writer so I hope you like it! :) xx


3. The Invite

Hayden's POV:

When I got home around noonish, I sat on the couch and started reading my favorite book ever, The Notebook. I don't know why I love it so much, I think I just really like love stories hoping one day it will happen to me. I then got bored and took a nap. When I awoke, it was 3:30. I looked at my phone and I didn't have any missed calls, or texts. "He probably forgot about me just like everyone else." I thought to myself. I went to go make myself my favorite snack, a nutella with banana sandwich. I just got done slicing the banana when my phone started viberating against the counter. I was a call from SexyHarry<3. "Omg I can't believe he set his name as that" I thought. I answered.

"Hello" I said

"Hey" a very husky voice answered.

"So how was your very important meeting?" 

"Eh, boring as usual. " He said very dully.

"I didn't think you were gonna call. I thought you forgot about me."

"How could I forget about someone as beautiful as you?" 

I nervously giggled through the phone. 

"So listen I was wondering if you would like to hang out at my place sometime?"

"Umm, yea sure when are you thinking?"

"Maybe tomorrow after lunch?"

"Sure I'll definitely be there." I said smiling.

"That's great!" So I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yea, bye"

"Bye" he said then hung up.


I'm am so nervous. What if he thinks I'm an attention whore because I told him I thought he wouldn't call? What if I become so nervous I stop talking? Should I even show up? All these things were running through my head at a million miles per hour. Why was I already feeling this way about Harry?  I hadn't even met him yet.



**** Author's note, this chapter was terrible. I'm sorry I just couldn't get my writers block away because  I was thinking of the new One Direction CD Take Me Home!! And now my mom is going to get me tickets for thier concert!! YAY I'm excited! :)


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