Really Forever After?

~Sequel to Forever After~

3 years later, many things have changed. What happens when Niall and Zayn bump into eachother?


2. Was that him?

Today is the four year anniversary of the breakup. Every year, Zayn goes to the store and buys all the alcohol he could afford, and get wasted. Niall would go to the store and buy soppy movies and cry his heart out. This particular day was very nice out. It was cloudy, but the air was fresh and crisp, not too warm, but not too cold to wear a jacket.


Zayn rushed in the store to find his favorite alcohol drink, a very nice pink color, almost like a rose. He sped walked to the area where the drink was, when he stopped abruptly and crashed into someone.


"Oof" said both boys as they tumbled to the floor.


Zayn looked up and saw a head of blonde hair. Is it him? The blonde boy looked up and locked eyes with Zayn, and they both held eachothers eyes, so much intensity going through the air. Niall ran out of the door of the store with his purchased items and Zayn saw something black on the ground.


Nialls ... phone?


Zayn had called and texted him nonstop trying to get Niall back, that eventually Niall blocked his number. Niall had felt awfully bad, but then remembered why he did that. Because Zayn cheated


Zayn didn't even buy his alcohol, he ran home and clicked the button to open his phone, and he noticed that it had a code on it. A number pattern? Zayn took a wild guess and tried Nialls birthday, which was incorrect. Zayn then tried the day they broke up, that didn't work either. He finally tried the date they got together, and it was unlocked. So he hadn't forgotten about me? Zayn smiled at that thought and saw that Niall had unblocked Zayns number two years ago, by then Zayn had given up.


He went through Nialls messages, and recognized his own. he opened up the messages, and they were all drafts of him confessing that Niall misses Zayn a lot, and hasn't forgotten. Niall had never sent those, afraid that Zayn has already moved on and didn't care at all about him.


Zayn had finally pulled up a contact that for sure would still be in touch with Niall so he could return the phone.




Ooo, what's gonna happeeennn (;


November 9, 2012


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