Really Forever After?

~Sequel to Forever After~

3 years later, many things have changed. What happens when Niall and Zayn bump into eachother?


5. Truly Forever After

Zayn had sold his house for quite a bit of money and moved in with Niall. Zayn pulled out the scrapbook he had kept all these years, and Niall tried to hold back tears.


"You kept it?" Niall finally managed to get out.


"Yes, I looked through it everyday since we broke up. I felt terrible." Zayn replied


Niall was so happy and grateful he did, and so he led Zayn into the attic, where all his belongings were and all their memories. Zayn and Niall cried in eachothers arms for a few moments, then decided to watch a movie.


They had locked eachothers pinkies and promised forever after, and this time until the end.


Zayn and Niall were finally happy again, and were doing it together.

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