Really Forever After?

~Sequel to Forever After~

3 years later, many things have changed. What happens when Niall and Zayn bump into eachother?


1. Things have Changed

It's been three years since the breakup.


Everything has literally changed in Niall's and Zayn's life. 




Niall has been single since his breakup with Zayn, taking all their money, even Zayns, and packing all their things and moving into a nice cute little house a few neighborhoods over from their old flat. Niall kept all of Zayns things in the attic, not daring to go into it, knowing that he'd start crying and his heart would hurt more.


Liam and Harry have been going strong for four years, their anniversary soon, as well as Louis and El. They're always around eachother and sickenly adorable, according to what Niall thinks. Niall usually sits all alone at home, or jogging and lifting weights after a day of staying in and eating anything he could find.


The day of the breakup, three years ago in a week, Niall sat curled in a ball on the floor crying his heart out, wondering why Zayn would waste such a perfectly good year together. Niall kept questioning himself the whole time;

Was it me?

Why wasn't I good enough?

Am I attractive enough for him?

Is he too good for me?

Am I useless to him?

Was it just a joke?

Niall just did not understand, and Zayn couldn't really decide why he cheated either. Zayn was absolutely a wreck when he left Niall, followed by Perrie leaving him. He had absolutely nobody.


Hey guys (: This is the first chapter of the sequel and I already know how to write this, start to end (: I'll probably finish this tonight, I'm awfully bored (x Updating soon xx


November 9, 2012.



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