Really Forever After?

~Sequel to Forever After~

3 years later, many things have changed. What happens when Niall and Zayn bump into eachother?


3. Meeting Again

Zayn had called Liam up on Nialls phone, knowing that he'd pick up.


"Hello?" Liam had answered. His voice had matured so much it sort of scared Zayn.


"Liam?" Zayn asked.


"Zayn? Holy shit, is that you? Why the hell do you have Nialls phone?" 


"Liam, calm down. I sort of ran into Niall at the store ... and um .. he sorta dropped his phone so I'd like to return it to him. I'd love to see him Liam, please, Its been haunting me for four years. Please let me see him" Zayn started crying while explaining to Liam how bad he'd like to see Niall.


"Ok .. I'll try. Text me your address, I'll be around in an hour."


They got off the phone and Zayn quickly texted his address to Liam and hopped in the shower.


After the shower Zayn quickly set up a little suprise for Niall. Hopefully he'd show up...

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