It all started with a camping trip and some matches

Mikayla and her best friend Bryanna love camping and when they go on thier anual camping trip to a secret camping spot they find out that they aren't alone and that one direction also use thier camping spot


1. to the woods

"Bry I cant belive that this is our fith year going on this camping trip" I squealed."I know but you know what would make it even cooler" Bry asked."What" I asked knowing what she would say."If One Direction were there"she yelled while plugging her phone into the car and playing little things."Bry you know this song makes me cry" I wined."I know" Bry taunted."Hey were here" I said as we parked on the curb by the woods."Now we get to carry all our stuff 5 miles into the woods" Bry cheered sarcasticly."Don't be a downer" I said pulling the dufflebags that we had been using for camping scince we were 13.We started walking and talking about anything and everything.We finally got to our camping spot and started setting up the camp.After about an hour we were done setting up the camp.I ran over to a hollow tree and pulled out some hotdogs."Yay food"Bry exclaimed."Hey do you hear that" i said while cupping my hand against my ear."Yeah it sounds like other campers" Bry said with a worried look in her eyes."No it cant be me and you are the only ones who know about any camping spot within miles of here"I said then i heard an airhorn go off."wierd hey did you bring the matches"i asked."no"Bry said with a guilty look."i hid some matches in a tree about a mile away lets go get them" I said as i walked deeper into the woods and Bry followed.We walked about half a mile then Bry stopped me and pointed at a tent only about 50 feet in front of us."Lets check it out"I said as i walked over to the site."Whoever this is they havent been gone long"I said wafting in the smell of a campfire."Hey who are you"I heard someone with a strong irish accent yell.I turned my head to the right and saw a blonde boy standing with 4 other boys.Bryanna nudged me and said"Mikayla do you know who that is".I shot her the dont start fangirling look."I thought we were the only ones who knew about this place"I said."I thought the same thing" the blonde one said."I'm Bryanna"Bry quickly cut in while stepping forward."I'm Niall and this is-"We know who you are I'm Mikayla by the way"I interupted."So what are you doing here"Liam asked."My friend forgot the matches so we came to get some that i hid in a tree about half a mile from here"I said."Oh you mean these"Zayn asked pulling out the large plastic bag i had filled with matches."Yes now if i could have them please"I said reaching out for the matches."Well thats gonna be a problem because we seem to have forgotten our matches to so we were really lucky when we stumbeled upon these"Zayn said pulling the matches away from me

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