It all started with a camping trip and some matches

Mikayla and her best friend Bryanna love camping and when they go on thier anual camping trip to a secret camping spot they find out that they aren't alone and that one direction also use thier camping spot


2. a night to remember

Mikaylas POV:
"well if we can't have the matches then can you guys at least let us eat dinner here?" I asked."I guess so long as you dont eat all the food" Niall said."we wont" I said as I walked over to a tree and pulled out a super sized bag of marshmellows."This chick is magic she can make food apear out of thin air" Niall said.We all sat down and made a fire and cooked the marshmellows and talked."So how do you guys know about this place" I asked."Well I found it when I was 12 and I went camping with my dad how do you know about this place" Liam asked."Oh my oldest brother showed it to me he was like my best friend" I said."He sounds like a cool guy" Liam said."He was" I said sadly."Well Mikayla and I need to go back to our camp" Bry said as we got up and started walking away."Wait" Zayn said while grabbing Bry's wrist "you cant go"."Zayns right it's to dark for two pretty girls like you to go out alone" Liam agreed."We'll be fine we've been wandering around theese woods at night scence we were 13" I said as we started walking away."See you tomorrow" Liam yelled as we walked away."You too" I yelled back.We walked through the woods for about 2 minuits whan we haerd a noise in the bushes."You hear that" I saked Bry."It's nothing Mickey" Bry said."Hey do you know how much farther the campsite is" Bry asked."yeah not much farther" I said
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