Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


9. Chapter 9- A Trip To The Doctors Won't Hurt


 Its been three days since I got in this accident just two more days and i'm out of this wheel chair but i'm going to see the doctor today and depends what he tells me maybe I won't need it anymore. Katy has stayed at my house and took care of me,I really appreciate what she is doing. Ohh!and I haven't seen the boys in a while...strange but its been pretty calm although I miss their weirdness "Mia Night!" Called the nurse I walked towards her pulling the wheels and Katy behind me.I never really liked the hospital it freaks me out from the needles to the everything "the doctor will be here shortly" The nurse said walking out the door,I sighed "Um you remember the boys right?"Katy asked "Yeah how could I-"I got interrupted by the door opening "Hello doctor" said Katy "Hello" he faced her then me "Mia are you able to stand or does it hurt?" He asked "Well I haven't tried standing" I replied he put his clip board down and grabbed my hand "Hold onto me yell if it hurts to stand" with on hand I grabbed his arm and with the other I placed my hand on his shoulder "Does it hurt?!?!" Asked Katy "Haha nope! Look!" I let go of him "Perfect you won't need this wheel chair anymore call us if you have any problems .If you have pain go to your pharmacist"the doctor handed me a paper with some subscribed medicine "Good day!" he walked out 


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