Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


8. Chapter 8- Your tearing me apart



"How much longer!" I complained "Niall we technically just got here" said zayn "Technically we have been here twenty minutes" Corrected Liam "Well I'm bored" I said "Yeah bored you just want to see Mia" 'NO!" "Mia,Mia,Mia"Zayn made kiss noises "Zayn stop teasing Niall" Liam said in that daddy tone "Sorry liam" zayn looked down "Alright! we're back!" said the host of this boring interview the guy couldn't even get my name right jeez five simple letters 'N' 'I' 'A' 'L' 'L' and he has a bogey dropping from his nose "Niall!" Liam shaked me "Sorry..." "What were you dreaming about?" asked the lady host oh don't get me started with her she has bad botox and a mustache "Nothing just um tired" I replied "Well boys last question whats you ideal girlfriend?" asked the host "Um someone that's cute and sweet if she is short even better I think short girls are cute!" said zayn "I'm short!" joked the lady " Like zayn said somebody cute but I like shy girls with pretty eyes" Liam said "Niall what about you" asked the man " eh someone I can have a laugh with and that's not look at me I'm hot kind of person" I said "There you have it girls thanks for watching and tune in next time when we have Christine Stewart" the host continued talking "That's a wrap!" yelled the director "WE CAN GO NOW! WOO!" I yelled "Niall!"liam flicked me "what!?" "That's rude!" "sorry" "Hey guys the rest of the guys are back at our flat" said zayn "So we drive home and not to Mia's?" asked Liam "Yup orders from Harry" zayn crossed his arms "what!? why?" I asked "he said she needs to rest but tomorrow we can see her" zayn continued ugh we got in the car and security drove us home and I went straight to my room "Whats wrong with niall?" I heard liam say whats wrong with me? well I want to see if Mia is fine but no she has to rest 'Knock Knock' "Go away!" I yelled "Please" "It's open!" Liam and zayn walked in "Mate whats up"  "I wish I knew the answer to explain how I feel" I said "Why don't you just tell her how you feel?" said zayn "Tell who?" asked liam "Liam I like Mia, Yeah I said it!...but what if she doesn't like me back?" "Who wouldn't like you niall!" said liam "You are like a snowflake slash penguin furby all collide" Zayn said smiling "I'm not good at explaining my feelings" I said "What about music?" suggested Liam "Yeah! niall where's the song you made?" said zayn I walked to my desk and looked through my paper yes I found it! " It's just the guitar no lyrics" I explained "You have us for that!" Liam said "So how do you feel about her?" zayn asked "well she is pretty when she cries,she has her own unique style, but she runs away from me like I did something stupid, and no one can make me feel like she does when she smiles " I went on "Take notes zayn" said daddy"does she tear you apart?" asked zayn "Yes you could say that" "Wait struck your guitar for us first" zayn said I played the guitar and made this tung tang tune noise "Hmm by George I've got it!" yelled liam proud

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