Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


7. Chapter 7-Something else


Yesterday we meet at the hospital to see Mia,Katy explained to me that she ran and got hit by a car...ouch. Liam,Niall and Zayn are at an interview and Katy asked if Louis and I could help with Mia since she has the wheel chair,so this is where we are now. "Harry do we check in or wait?" Louis asked "I don't know lets um ask that um hot nurse" I smiled while biting my tongue "Psh! Harry like Niall said since when are wrinkles hot" "Psh!! Since forever!" I laughed and Louis smacked my arm "ow" I mumbled  "I'll call Katy" Lou said and walked to the hall I walked around the hospital at times this place is scary.The workers where starring at me,either they think I'm going to steal something or they know i'm in one direction... "OK doctor Thank you so much!" I overheard a conversation between a mother,her daughter and the doctor the doctor walked away and the girl was starring at me "Mommy i'm seeing things" The little girl said "Sweetie your fine trust me,I'm glad you are here with me.Without you I don't know what I would do,I truly madly love you" The mother hugged her daughter and a tear fell down my cheek "Mommy I love you too madly and deeply" she smiled and broke away from the hug "Mom when I said I see things I see Harry Styles from One Direction" she said and her mom stood up and turned around "I'm sorry" I said whipping the tears from my face "You just touched my heart and made me think of my mum and I" I explained the mum smiled at me "Its fine honey i'm just grateful my daughter survived" "If you don't mind me asking survived what?" "Cancer" "Congratulations" I said right? its good to congrats somebody... her daughter hugged her leg "Mom I love you" the girl kissed her mum "Harry may I have a picture or an autograph?" she continued "Of course love!" her mum took out her phone and we took some photos "I have nothing but this napkin for you to sign" her mom said looking through her bag "That perfect,what's your name love " I took it  "Elizabeth" "What a Beautiful name" I signed the napkin and it read *Dear Elizabeth,You are a beautiful young girl. Hope you have a wonderful day,Stay strong no matter what. Love,Harry Styles* "Thank you" Elizabeth hugged me and waved goodbye as they walked away.I went back to the main area and saw Louis,Katy and Mia "Where were you!?" asked Louis walking up to me he seemed a bit mad "I was with a fan, I'm sorry I took long Mia and Katy" "It's fine" Mia smiled at me "Here let me take this" I said and grabbed the handles to Mia's Wheel chair "Thank you" Katy said. We all walked to the car and Katy drove to Mia's home "The key is under the mat Lou" Said Mia as Katy parked "old fashion" I asked helping her on to the chair "You could say" she slowly let go "C'mon guys" Katy said walking behind us "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Louis's girlish scream "Louis are you okay?" asked Katy coming in to Mia's home "Where is Lou?" I asked "Psst! Guy! be careful there is this little screaming pigeon killer!" Louis said with his talk show voice on top on the table Clever! " Pigeon Killer?" asked Katy "Arf arf arf!" came this adorable dog "Cheeerioo!" Mia yelled wanting to grab the dog but her back I walked up to 'cheerio' picked him up and gave him to Mia "Thank you harry" "Harreh! You have just been contaminated!" Yelled Louis "Louis It's a dog..." "PIGEON KILLER!!!!!!" "I'm lost..."Katy said and walked to the kitchen "How!? cheerio wouldn't hurt a fly!" argued Mia "I've seen dogs torment pigeons before that's why I have a goose and a pigeon!"  "Yeah that's why" I said "Hahaha you guys are something else" Mia said 



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