Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


6. Chapter 6-I don't have the answer

Niall's Perspective

911 came and took Mia, I asked if I could ride with them but Katy said she would go and for me to meet her at the hospital, Paul drove zayn and I to the hospital and the rest of the boys are joining us in a few "Niall! ahhh! I love you!" "Zayn you god!" "Sexxyyy!" "zayn!!!" Were the few things I heard from the Fans outside wow I'm surprised like about ten fans outside thank god! don't get me wrong I love our fans its just not in the mode to see girls throwing themselves at us "She called me a god" zayn laughed and followed Paul who was at the front desk "How may I help you?" asked the lady "Ma'ma we are here to see Mia,um Mia" "Whats her last name" Paul whispered to zayn "Night!" I turned to see Katy, her eyes were red and her nose as well "Is she okay?" I practically yelled at her.Paul and Zayn walked towards us and Zayn hugged Katy"Don't worry"zayn whisperd in her ear "She-she she's I don't know" she cried on zayn's shoulder ugh this is all my fault i'm such an ass ugh i should have never ever given her that stupid chip! *3 hours later* "Guardians for Mia Night?" came the doctor and we all turned our heads at the same time like in the movies "That's us" Paul said "Is she fine doctor?" asked Zayn "Well there is good and bad new" he started "What is it doc" "out with it" I said "Bad first then good" said Katy " The bad new is she will be in a wheel chair for at least a week and the good news is nothing is broken she is fine  she was jammy the car didn't hit her too hard" "Thank god!" Katy hugged zayn even tighter "Can we see her?" I asked "One at a time please I think she is still asleep" doc said "me first!" I yelled without even hearing what the others had to say and the doctor led me to her room "I'll be back in a few with the next person" he said and walked out Mia laid on the hospital bed she looked so peaceful like an angel "Mia?" I asked stepping closer "No Response?" I sat on the bed "I never realized how beautiful you look natural, why do you wear makeup?"I asked looking at her she just so Irresistible"Mia i'm so sorry your in here,I'm sorry for making you taste the shtupid chip and for being rude when I meet you ugh I'm talking to myself" I held her hand with tears falling down my cheeks in silence for what felt like forever "Niall its my turn" Katy walked in not even knocking crap! "Niall are you alright?" she asked "I don't know" I stood up and pretended like I have something in my eye I walked to the waiting area and noticed all the boys were here as I felt an arm touch me "Mate how'd it go?" asked Louis "Fine..." I walked off "Are you sure?.." Louis walked backwards towards me  "Don't try to ask if i'm okay I don't have the answer..."Lou gave me that what is that suppose to mean face "Lou I'm just knackered and starving" I lied I don't want to tell anyone how I feel not even my best mates "It's 10:00 after we all see Mia well get you some food" Louis said and walked towards harry who was motioning for him to walk his way Katy came out and zayn went in. Heartache flips my world around I feel like falling down down down down

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