Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


5. Chapter 5- How I feel


"C'mon Mia" Yelled Katy. This morning I'm at Katy's apartment "Where?" I asked curious of where this lady will take me "Starbucks don't you want coffee because it's fine if you don't" she went on "No, I do please" I walked towards her car and got in "I thought so" she mumbled and reached for the radio and 'Give your heart a break by Demi Lovato' was on hehe made me think of Niall I sighed speaking of Niall I feel bad for hanging up on zayn but I can't hang out with them just seeing Niall's face will make me cry he probably hates me but hey at least I can say 'Everybody I throw up on Niall Horan' yeah first time I meet the boys I love I'm afraid to see them again I sighed again "Why do you keep sighing?" asked Katy "No reason"I said facing the window avoiding her lie detectors (eyes) "Look at me" Katy said with a stern voice "You're driving" "ugh!" she made her way to Starbucks and parked great! "Now look at me" I slowly turned my head to face her she started at my eyes eh felt like she was staring into my sole"It's Niall isn't?" she asked I can't lie to her "Yes..." I played with my hands on my lap "Mia,why?" she said Mia while wanting to laugh "I don't know I just feel like this, I want to see him soo bad  but then he probably hates me you know its all my fault who like getting vomit on themselves and he is probably mad and to think of it I don't think he even liked me from the start" Katy stayed quite "and his face is everywhere which makes me want to snog the pictures" I whispered slash mumbled the last part "Doesn't everyone?" I looked up and she smiled and walked out her car crap! she heard me. I made sure the door was lock and made myself toward the door I reached to open it "OWWW!" I heard a screech "I'm soo sorry I didn't mean to hit you I didn't even see you!" I was talking to the persons back "It's fine" he turned around "Mia!!?" his eyes grew wide "Niall!!?" "No no no" I broke down on my knees with tears "Mia why are you crying? I said it was fine" Niall asked stepping a step closer "Miaa!" yelled Katy noticing me my eyes were blurry with tears, I saw this tall figure with black hair, katy I'm sure of it  and Niall I ran out  'Honk Honk' a car honked at me and I turned to see it my vision still blurry I couldn't tell 'eerrre' car brakes screeching "Mia!!!!!" were the last words I heard...


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