Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


4. Chapter 4- I've got a plan

Zayn's Perspective

I walked down from my kip it was a nice dream.Like don't you just love those dreams were you marry a celebrity, Ha! I do. Anyways as I walked down the stairs to see Liam ,Louis and Harry where's Nialler? "Vas Happenin!" "Oh um hey zayn" Harry said 'Oh hey zayn?' that's all I get? "Oh hey Harry" I mimicked him "Shhh!" liam hushed me ah! I see he is watching toy story go figure "Where's Niall?" "He is in his room" said Louis "You hungry?" asked harry "shh! Mates! I can't be fagged" Said Liam wound up "Sorry daddy" Said Louis I walked away and left them to watch Toy Story,gosh liam gets his eyes glued to the telly 'Knock Knock' I knocked on Niall's door "Ya?" Niall said "May I come in?" he walked and opened the door I sat on his bed the last time I was in his room was when we haggle for some dumb reason. Its awkward like I'm not even here Niall just on his bed playing his guitar "Watcha playin?"I asked trying to ease the silence "Just some thoughts" niall said not even looking at me "Whats wrong mate?" "Nothing I'm fine" "Fine!? You didn't eat and you seem down..." "Hahaaha I did eat, have ya checked the time it will be one in a bit and I would never kill myself by starvation or something?" "There's that giggle! and I guess I sleep a lot "haha ya I guess, um zayn was I really that messed up to Mia?" "Well I didn't see but what harry tells me is ya maybe a tad bit" he sighed and continued playing his guitar I see whats happening or  vas happenin :) "That's a nice tune" I said 'Thanks i just came to me I just need a few lyrics"Niall said "I can help with that" I said hoping he will let me in "I need inspiration" "By? A girl,fish,food?" "A girl zayn!" niall said serious and like he meant a certain someone "Um Niall,You know how Nandos was bad " I asked "I know" Niall looked down feeling guilty I suppose? "Want to ask the girls again?" I asked not even knowing if the girls want too "Really ya think they want to!?Yes! Yes!"he said with so much excitement um I'll make a plan yeah!"Alright get dressed and meet me down stairs" I walked to my room and dialed Katy 'Prrriiinnng' the called was connecting "hello?" Katy I believed answered "Katy?" I asked "Oh um no Mia,but I can go get Katy?" "No it's fine, Actually I wanted to talk to you but I don't have your number but wanna hang out?" I said the last part with some charm and strong accent make myself sound hot "Uh with who?" "The boys like lets start over" "Is Niall going to be their?" "Yes" "Bye!"  'drriiingg' "Hello Mia!" she hanged up on me so naff! let me call again 'Prrriinngg' "Yellow?" yellow? "Um Katy?" "Yes zayn?" "Oh good its you,Mia hanged up on me!" I squealed "She was using my phone!" "Ya where were you?" "The um bathroom..." "Haha" "Don't laugh!" "Sorry but want to hangout have a chinwag? you,Mia us?" "Sure! when?" "Today! meet us at Starbucks by the mall" "Okay see ya in a few" we hanged up. Yes my plan is working!

*Authors Note*

Hello :) um I realized I spelled some words wrong or put a word that had a different meaning, I'm sorry. Some words in this chapter might not make sense? I used some British slang and sorry the shortness.


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