Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


31. Chapter 31- This is it


~Katy's perspective~  

"Hun we are going to miss you!" Henry the door man said as I waited for my Nana to sign out of our apartment "me to" I said "you've been here since a young girl" he continued talking "oh gosh I know!" I said wanting to tear up "alright lets go" my Nana came struggling with her luggage "here let me"the door man took her bags and mine as well, we walked to my car and put the bags in the trunk "ah! Henry we will miss you" my Nana sighed and hugged him,I stood their and slowly hugged them "bye" Henry the door man walked away...this might sound weird but Henry and my Nana would make a good couple at least I believe.They're the same age right? I laughed to myself and got in my car "straight to the airport or?" Asked my Nana "not yet I'd like to say good bye to some good friends" I drove to the boys flat.  

~Eleanor's perspective~  

"Hello?" Answered Mia on the other line "hey Mia can you meet me at Wilson's bay?" I said "um when?" Mia asked "now!" "Um I don't know what if  I miss Katy's flight?" "You won't I promise" "okie be there in 5!" Mia hanged up. {Niall go!} I texted Niall the signal {thanks!} he replied and I sat on the couch. 


I quickly grabbed my purse and drove to Wilson's bay {where do I go? Like stand?} I texted Eleanor noticing this place was deserted {right on the bridge!} she replied. I walked over to the bridge and saw this a set up? Is someone going to kidnap me?... I took a look at the sunset that was setting, where is she Katy will leave any minute! I started to panic ♫♪♫ ♪♫I'm broken do you hear me,I'm blinded cause you are everything I see, I'm dancing alone,I'm praying that your heart will just turn around and as I walk up to your door my head turns to face the floor cause I can't look you in the eyes and say♫♪♫♪♫ I turned around to see Niall,who was wearing grey jeans and a navy blue shirt with the end of the sleeves white "Niall what are you doing here!?" I asked "listen" he said "I don't have time for this" I walked away going down the bridge ♫♪♫ if I'm louder would you see me!   ♫ ♪ ♫    Niall  sang " ♫ ♪ ♫  ♪ ♫ would you lay down in my arms and rescue me..cause we are the same,you save me,but when you leave it's gone again ♫ ♪ ♫  ♪ ♫ " he continued to follow me so I stopped walking "Niall..." My voice cracked "listen Mia please" Niall said I took a look around an looked at the beach we were right along the bay,I checked my watch "make it quick please" I said "Mia I know I say this too much but I'm sorry for not talking to you and when I wanted you didn't want to and-" I cut him off "Niall no! When I first meet you I imagined instant connection like in those Fan Fics or fairy tales but no I see you in magazines with star and you kissed her after you said you like me" I said staring into his piercing blue eyes "You don't understand that girl star.." Niall thought for a moment "Management read the magazine Mystery girl with one direction and they didn't like it so they brought star instead because they believed she was prettier than you and she would be a better girlfriend and all this crap but no they're wrong everyone hates Star she has been a pain in the ass, Mia I've been miserable and you are all I can think about!" Niall looked at me and ran his fingers through his hair "How do I know you are telling me the truth and aren't going to go with another girl or Star!" I gave him weary eyes and starting to tear up. Niall approached me slowly and put his cold hand on my cheek "Mia, I would never do something to hurt you or break your heart" he whispered and I cried on his shoulder "Some are like water, some are like heat, some are a melody and some are the beat, but sooner or later they all we be gone why don't they stay young? It's hard to get old with out a cause I don't want to parish like a fading horse,youth is like diamond in the sun and diamonds are forever .. Forever young I wanna be forever young, Do you really wanna live forever,forever or never, forever young I wanna be forever young, do you really wanna live forever, forever or never" Niall sang into my ear rubbing my back. I sniffled and lifted my head from his shoulder. I thought for a moment and the checked my watch "Crap!" I started running "Mia!" Niall ran after me "Where Are you going!" He yelled. I ignored and continued running, glad I decided to wear my converse, I reached the airport breathing heavily and went straight to the assistance desk "May I help you" The lady at the desk said "The.. Flight... to... Texas" I said between breaths "Mia!" Niall yelled finally reaching the airport or probably finally finding me "It leaves in five minutes" She said "No where can I go!?" I said yelling "That way" the lady pointed right "C'mon Niall" I grabbed his arm, we walked right and I took a look around "Over there" Niall pointed. I practically ran and I saw Katy *Imagine listening to Little Mixes 'Always be together' song playing in the background* "Katy!" I yelled giving her a big ol hug "You came!" Katy smiled wide "Of course you didn't think you were leaving with out a good bye from me!" I hugged her tighter " TWO MINUTES BEFORE THE FLIGHT FOR TEXAS LEAVES TWO MINUTES" the inner come spoke "I guess this is good bye" Katy said breaking away tears falling from her eyes "Wait" I rummaged through my purse and took out an infinity necklace "Even though we have had our ups and downs and we had an argument, I still love you, you are my sister, don't forget about me you big idiot" The tears ran down my face as I placed the necklace in her palm. Katy started crying a lot and hugged me "I won't, trust me" she whispered and broke away whipping her eyes "Come here Nana!" I gave her a big hug while Katy said her good byes to Niall "Sweety I'll miss you" Nana said putting her hands on my shoulder and smiling at me "You Know I will" I smiled back whipping my eyes "Mia" I turned around to see Katy red nose and puffy eyes "Give him a chance, he really cares" Katy said smiling and going with her Nana. They waved as they disappeared in the crowd going on the plan "Bye Katy and Nana" I whispered touching my matching infinity necklace letting the last tear fall down my cheek "Mia do you need a hug?" Niall said opening his arms "A Horan hug?" I asked smiling wrapping my arms around him "A Horan Hug" Niall smiled............THE END


Author- Mia ends up dating Niall and they are one happy couple! Star went to rehab...she became mad when Management decided to let Mia and Niall together noticing how much they love each other.... she keeped trying to attack people.Harry ended up having fun and not being bored! Eleanor Finally hanged out with Louis with out being interrupted.The boys and Mia took a trip to Texas and visited Katy and her Nana and they all lived Happily ever after :) Thank You for reading!

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