Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


30. chapter 30- Another Plan?...

Niall's perspective   I was relief that Eleanor took Star away...but sadly it was only for one day and I'm quite surprise she hasn't texted or called me*guitar strum*oops spoke too soon! I checked my cell and it was a message from was a picture of a bunch of tabloids with Mine and Stars face on them,wow. {where at?} I replied {allll oooveeer!!!!Zaaaayn N I Keeep seeeeiing theeemm!} Liam replied,this kid really needed a better English teacher {Hoooow Loovely!} I texted back {I'll geeep youuuu uppdatted!!} Liam responded *guitar strum*{Niall! I'm coming over Kay!xxxxxx-Star ;*} great just As i thought things couldn't get any better "mate I'm bored" Harry came in the room shirtless,I'm glad he is wearing pants "And!? Am i suppose to entertain you!?" I asked a little ticked  about the tabloids and star "yes" Harry answered shy "go with Louis! Go bury yourself in the dirt Or go talk to cats" I suggested "Louis is out and Molly is home with mum" Harry stood like a lost puppy "DING DONG" the door rang "oh! Company!" Harry ran to the door,"yeah company I don't want" I mumbled coming behind him "you look hawt!" Star touched Harry's chest "eh look it's Niall!" Harry moved away pushing me up front "what the hell happen to your hair?" I asked shock "you see it's all this girl named Katy and Mia's fault" star came in the house and I paid full attention when I heard Mia "explain" "they poured dye all over me and I had to cut it off!" Star touched her head she kinda had my hair but her's what pink and green...not very good looking "Niall can I like kill those girls?" She asked "what kill!?,have you gone mad" I looked at star my eyes wide and her smiling "no! I don't like them...Anyways! Oh my god did you see us on the magazines?" "Yes" "eekkk!! It working!! Soon I can dump you and be famous" she said as simple as that "when that time comes call me!" I walked away,gosh I'm so annoyed by her "I going to leave! Bye!!!!" She came wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss    Katy's perspective   Mia promised me the best day of my life,so far it hasn't happen.We went to the mall and mia pointed out all the  couples she saw,she really needs a boy...or Niall. Mia also had to go give Cheerio shots,so another reason this hasn't been the best day of me life. I decided to go back to the Starbucks on cherry drive,it was really nice and peaceful there when we went. I closed my car door and proceeded to the door,I entered "welcome to Starbucks!" The cashier yelled at me "thanks" I got in line luckily only one person in front who already ordered "welcome to Starbucks what can I get you" the lady at the register spoke "a frappe" "name?"she asked "Katy" "what's de last name perry?" The lady joked "hahaha no" I handed her the moola and stood by the counter on the left by the napkins and sweets "Katy!?" I heard someone call my name I took a look around and saw nobody I knew "Katy!" A arm touched my shoulder and I turned to see Eleanor "hi Eleanor!" We smiled "what are you doing here?" She asked " I was with Mia but she had to do some Arians so I came here,you?" "I came with Louis but his mum called him something that his sister Lottie did" "Well would you like to hang out?" I asked "love to! Just Let me grab my coffee" Eleanor walked away "Katy perry!!" the worker shouted my name well the Katy part "it's Katy,not Katy I got blue hair!?" I took my coffee and gave her this duck face "ready!?" Eleanor came back "yeah" I grabbed a napkin "have a nice day Katy Perry and Eleanor Roosevelt!" The lady said in to the speaker "did I not just tell her!?" I yelled "she is just playing" Eleanor said "what does she pick on every customer?" "No just the ones she knows" "I don't know her!" "Maybe she just likes you" she shrugged her shoulders "my house?" I asked as Eleanor got in me car "sure!" I drove back to my apartment...but I remembered I have boxes everywhere and it's empty "wait never mind It's empty"I pulled over "what do you mean?" Asked El "I have boxes because I'm moving so its very empty how about some other place" I said "oh my house?" She suggested "Kay" I took a turn and went straight after all Eleanor's house is straight ahead really close by the Starbucks. The car ride was quiet but quick "home!" Eleanor said walking out the door going straight to open her front door and closing my car door,I turned off the car and followed "welcome to my house want a tour?" Eleanor asked "love one!" "Come this way!" We walked into the kitchen first it was really nice it had granite counters with a steel fridge and light brown walls "the kitchen and if you come this way up the stairs you have my room" she moved her arms around. Her room was big! It had a walk in closet with a queen bed red velvet soft walls and a big washroom with shower and tub "wow you live here alone?" I asked " yup once in a while Louis will come spend a night and Danielle comes and sleeps over often so she is company I get lots of visitors but most of the time it's just me" Eleanor said.I observed her room again and saw a picture of Louis and Niall. I want Mia to be happy after I leave and I need Niall's help but I can't do it alone "Eleanor I leave tomorrow at noon and I need your help to contact Niall and Mia" I said "Come again" she scratched her head "I take it you're lost? What do you know about Mia and Niall?" "Not much like I know Niall has a thing for her because just mention Mia's name and his eyes light up and well Mia I know she doesn't like star...but none of us do so that's not a good one,but mention Niall to Mia and you can get her full attention" Eleanor said "then you know just enough" I said "now explain what you were saying" "you see I leave at noon tomorrow to texas and when I leave I don't want Mia any sadder then what she is now and I saw she was truly happy when she is with Niall so I need a plan,to play match maker and I need your help" I said "I'd low to help! Just tell me what to do!" Eleanor grinned "we need either Niall or Mia on our side in the Mia she won't go along with it but I think Niall will" I sat on her bed "so what you are saying is we call Niall and brain storm a plan for tomorrow before you leave to Texas?" "Yes!" "Okay let me call Niall" she took out her phone and put it on speaker "hello?" The Irish babe voice spoke"hi Niall it's me Eleanor and Katy is here!" She yelled into the phone..haha I don't think he is deaf"hey Niall! We need your help" I said "with?" He replied "can you come over to El's place?" I asked "yeh be there in a few" he hanged up and so did Eleanor "now we wait" Eleanor laid down on her bed. *5minuteslater* we sat with out saying anything we were kinda just thinking of a decent plan,that wasn't complicated to do,and we were still waiting for Niall "I go it! What if we lock them in a room and make them talk?" Suggested Eleanor "No,she'd probably refuse to talk" I said "DING DING!!" "What's that?" I asked "my door bell" Eleanor waked down the stairs and left me in her room. Door bell sounds more like a bell for bicycles. I heard two people talking and finally Niall had came "hey Katy" Niall sat on a chair near the door way "he is here let's talk!" Eleanor went back to the original spot she was sitting Niall: About? I: Um first you have any feelings for Star? Niall: No! Never! Eleanor:I'll be back going to make some tea,anyone like some? Niall: No thanks I:just had coffee Eleanor:okay *walks out bedroom door* I: Look Niall I'm just going straight out with it...I'm leaving to Texas tomorrow  and Mia is upset about it and I want her happy and to be honest she looked the happiest when she spends time with you...and I was wondering do you still have feelings for Mia?  Niall: Your moving to Texas?when were you going to say goodbye to us lads? She doesn't even talk to me anymore but yes I really like her and we would have been a happy couple if star hadn't come along. I: I was going to say my goodbyes to everyone when I left for me flight....but perfect! No we are on the same page! Niall: What page? I: Eleanor and I had a plan to get you an Mia back together but we weren't sure if you still liked her...but you do so we can tell you the plan! Eleanor: alrighty I'm back! I: just in time! Eleanor: for?... Niall: your plan Eleanor: which is?.. Niall:hahaha clearly someone isn't on the same page! I: alright then we will go with my plan.Eleanor just listen please.*Eleanor shook her head taking a sip of her tea* Niall: so what's the plan? *three minutes later*  Eleanor-sounds like a good one! Niall-yeh I like it!.. Get to use me guitar! But one question. I: yes? Niall-what time and where? I:what's the closest place to the air port? Eleanor: Mmmm there is a bridge/dock area a couple miles away Niall:Ohh!! Um Willson's bay? Eleanor: Yes! That place! I: I don't know where that is but I'm not going to be there so it's fine. Niall: wait let me get this straight. Eleanor rings in our bait which is Mia and I do wot I do and this all takes place while you're at the airport Katy? I: basically yes,so Eleanor you start the plan,and sent Niall like a signal and we go from there! *I clapped my hands together* Eleanor-woo! Can't wait! *we all smiled* ~Cher Lloyd's oath plays~ "sorry I have to take this see you all tomorrow!" I walked away and answered my phone "yellow?" "Hi Katy sorry,Cheerio and I just go out the pet doctor heading home.are you busy?" Mia asked "no just going home to pack up the rest of my things" I answered "need help?" "Yes please" "okay i'll be at your house in an hour bye!" "Bye!" I hanged up. Sadly our last day together we are packing. I sighed and went in my car.    
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