Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


3. Chapter 3- I'm sorry


"Hey Katy,Hows your day?" said Liam"Its going good Liam, What about you?" "So Far its perfect! Whats better than hanging out with good friends and meeting new ones on the way!"he smiled awh! that was sweet "Okay! Here are your chip and salsa appetizer" Said the waitress "Katy whats Mia's favorite color?" asked zayn uhhh why is he asking me? "Um why don't you ask her yourself zayn?" I replied "WHAT THE HELL MIA!!" I heard niall yell "Mia are you okay?" We all said in unison and I saw Mia run away with tears in her eyes and Niall with vomit on him..."Excuse me Liam" I said trying to scoot out of the booth "What happen?" I asked niall "What do you mean what happen! Cant you see?!" He said harshly I looked at niall from head to toe and walked away to be honest I don't know where she went? I didn't even see what happen "Katy!" I turned around and saw harry "Yes?" "I think I saw Mia ran into the bathroom I would go in not a girl.." "Thank you harry" I walked into the girls bathroom "Hello! Mia ya in here?" "Mia!" I continued to yell but no response I decided to stay quiet for a while *Sniff* *sniff* I heard coming from the second stall "Mia please open the door" I heard footsteps come closer and the door open "Mia are you okay!?" "Yea-ya" Mia said a little shaky I took her by the hand and led her to the other part of this bathroom which was a seating area pretty cool right? "So are you sure, you are okay?" I asked reassuring she was fine she took a deep breath and looked at me "Actually no I'm not okay...I'm so stupid I can't believe the first time I meet one direction I throw up on Niall Horan isn't this a dream come true! and to top it off look at me! and I bet he hates me!" Mia pulled her knees to her face and started crying "Mia,I doubt he hates you..."I said and hugged her tight "But the what the hell just keep running through my mind his blue eyes and everything!" "Trust me, C'mon lets go talk to him!" "No! I want to go home..." "Fine get washed up here and I'll go tell the boys...." I walked towards the table Niall and Zayn where gone "Is Mia okay?" asked Louis "Yeah she is fine but doesn't feel good so we are going home..." "Do you want food to go?" Asked Liam "It's fine,Thank you guys" "Lets hang out some other time yeah?" said Harry "That sounds great but I'm not sure when" "Think about it and call us" Suggested Louis "Okay bye boys! I walked back to the bathroom area and heard Niall and Zayns voice "Niall mate um harry was looking at you and Mia and he said you sounded harsh when ya yelled at her..." zayn said as he opened the men bathroom door "Crap! I did ugh...I didn't mean too its just I... Never mind" Niall said walking towards the table with Zayn behind phew! they didn't see me,I walked into the girls restroom "Mia are you ready?" "Yeah..." Mia got up from the chair and put the magazine down. To be honest I want to live in this bathroom... as we left Nandos you could hear the little bell ring and we walked to my car "So you want to go home?" I asked "Where else would I go?" she looked at me "I dunno, I was just trying to start a conversation..." Mia reached to turn on the radio I'm guessing she doesn't want to talk... minutes later we arrived at her home "Bye Katy" Mia said and walked in her home.


"Arf arf!" I open my door and was greeted by cheerio at least I have him "Hi boy! Did ya miss me?" I lifted him up and he started licking my face i'm guessing that's a yes? "Haha cheerio!" I put him down and went up to my room to take a shower ABOUT TEN MINUTES LATER I walked to my closet and grabbed a pair of sweats and a green T-shirt and made my hair into a pony tail *Scratch* *Scratch* I heard on my door I opened it and it was cheerio "Cheerio!"I yelled running to my bed and him chasing me and jumping high to get on "I need to get a mini door for you" I grabbed cheerio in for a hug. A dog on my bed mum would have never allowed this speaking of my mum why don't I call her for advice or something? Should I? I live alone just me and cheerio.When I turned 18 my brother gave me his home and bought a new one with his wife, My parents seemed okay with the whole live on your own thing. Katy has her own apartment, I've never really offered her to live with me because she knows everyone on her building really well and she lives with her grandma,but my home is her home "Cheerio guess who I meet today?" "ruff ruff" "You won't believe me but I meet one direction"I laid on my bed "Yeah I meet Niall and I threw up on him..." the words what the hell for some reason wouldn't get out of my mind I guess its just the way he looked at me I sighed and sat up

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