Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


29. Chapter 29-I don't like you

MIA'S PERSPECTIVE   I got dressed into dark blue jeans and an orange hoodie after all it just coffee. "DING DONG!" "Ruff ruff" Cheerio barked.'coming' I whispered walking down the stairs,I checked through the little seeing hole and saw Katy I quickly unlocked it  "come in" I opened the door "hay girl!" Katy hugged me "haha hi Katy" I ripped a bag of  kibble "what's up?" She asked,I poured the kibble in the bowl "Cheerio!" I yelled and the cheering puppy came "let's get coffee"I grabbed my purse "someone's happy" Katy followed,I locked my door and into Katy's car "we never take your car,do you even have a license?" Katy laughed "I do too!" I pushed her "bleh!" "Start the car!" "Where to?" "Starbucks on cherry drive" Katy drove forward and took a right "a friend of mine is going to be there" said I "a guy? What you over Niall?" Katy joked,I'm guessing doubt she is serious "shut up her name is Eleanor" I said "rawr!" Katy pulled up into the parking space "why do you need me then?" I unbuckled my seat belt "can't I have a friend as back up?" "Back up for what never mind I'm glad we are hanging out today cause we won't be able to in a couple of days" Katy walked in to Starbucks "what!?" I asked running after her "I'm flying to Texas" Katy's eyes watered up "what no,when were you planing to tell me?" I asked my eyes also tearing up "lets talk about this later,yeah?" Katy rubbed my back "Mia over here!" I looked around and saw Eleanor waving her hands "c'mon Katy" I whipped my eyes "That's Eleanor Calder,you could have told me,I could have worn something fashionable!" Katy whispered "haha you look fashionable" I smiled stuff like this I'm going to miss. We reached Eleanor's table and she gave us a warm smile and stood to great us "you made it!" Eleanor said with excitement "yup! This is Katy"I pointed to her "hi Katy nice to meet you I'm Eleanor" they smiled and I looked over to star just sitting there looking grumpy "this is star!" Eleanor pointed to star "ah nice to see you again" I sat "hi" Katy waved and took a seat by me "I'll order what would you girls like?" Eleanor said "no you aren't paying for me" "us!" Katy corrected "please I insist" she gave us puppy eyes "alright but" "no buts! What drinks?" She asked "ummmm frappe" said Katy "omg you guys are soo annoying!! I want a mocha" star said "I'll take a Carmel anything you pick" I said "um okay! Be back!" Eleanor walked alway glad i guess its because she is paying. Katy and star were giving each other dirty looks,oh boy. I looked around an the magazine rack caught my attention,I walked up to it and saw at least all the magazines with star's face on it and by her side Niall.I felt like I was going to break "don't we look cute together?" I tuned around ti a evil smiling Star "no" I said looking at her "are you blind we are the hottest couple!"Star put her hands on her hips "in your dreams babe" Katy walked by my side "argh!! Watch! You're all just jealous!"star stomped away"ignore her and all these tabloid they mean shite"Katy walked back to the table,I followed and took a look at what each one of us are wearing,Katy had a leather jacket with a white 'running wild' crop top and red jeans topped with a bunch of bangle bracelets with her black hair curled,star was wearing shorts with a blue blouse tugged in and a small purse with big heels with studs on them,her blonde hair was straight with a band around her head "back!" Eleanor placed the drinks on the table "thanks"I said.Eleanor had her hair in a bun and was wearing green jeans to her ankles with a white tee and black blazer like sweater with a black purse I looked pretty plain compared to them I had dark blue jeans with an orange sweater and under neath my sweater I had a flannel,and my hair was in a braid. "So" star said sipping her coffee "want to go out like walk around the mall?" Asked Katy "yes!! More people!" Star shouted,Katy and I looked at her funny "sure we can shop!"  Eleanor got up along with star followed by me then Katy,star was leading the way with nobody by her side "who drives?" I asked "me!" El and Kate said in unison "non of you I'm driving!" Star yelled we all stood in the parking lot "where is the limo?" Asked star "I dunno I think Tim left" Eleanor said "my car it is" Katy said walking to her car "no I'm driving!" Star opened Katy's car door "haha No! Listen little girl its my car so I drive you can't come her and command!" Katy looked her in the eyes "we are the same age dumb ass!" Star said "how old are you? 10? I'm 21 I'm older!" "Ugh whatever I'm driving and by the way I'm 17" "does it matter who is driving Katy just let her drive!" I said "brat!" Katy walked to the other side opened the door and sat "wow star is 17 I didn't know that" Eleanor asked "I hardly know anything about her just that she is um she is uh Niall's" I hopped in the car by Katy and Eleanor in the passengers seat "if we die by this girl driving us just know I love you" Katy said "hahahaha we won't die" I said In between laughs "this is my car and I'm serious" Katy slapped my arm "clam down haha" I put my hand in me stomach "that was a red light!" Katy yelled "no one asked you!" Star glared at us from the rear view mirror "we are getting a ticket this girl just passed thee red lights and two yellow"Katy said "she is paying for it"I said"we are here!" Eleanor yelled we all stepped out and threw away our empty coffee cups "lets go to wet seal" I suggested "no the hair styling place" star said "we came here to shop though" Eleanor said "Eleanor Calder? Can we get a picture?" Two girls from behind spoke "sure!" Eleanor said and star looked at her "I mean if my friend star is in it" she said "uh sure" the two girls said,they took their quick pics and left "salon it is!" Star said leading the way once again,we walked to the other side of the mall and entered the salon "welcome" the cashier women said "hi I'm here for a hair cut and maybe color" star said "what Color do you have in mind?" She asked "eh white" star answered "white? We have a fresh batch here!" A worker said "perfect wait a while please"the cashier women told star " do you think Niall will like your new hair?" I Asked "it's non if your business he is my boyfriend he likes it or not he will stick with me" star answered harshly "I was just asking but he does say he doesn't have a type so do what ever you want princess" I answered "oh my gawd don't talk about him you shouldn't know stuff about him! Idiot!" "Calm down" Katy  got in our conversation "shut up nobody is talking to your old ass" star said. Katy smiled evilly and walked over to the hair die room "finally she leaves she is so stupid" star crossed her arms "yeah she is the stupid one" I mumbled looking at my shoes"Aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!" Star squealed,I looked and Katy dropped pink and green die all over her "hahahah!" I laughed and turned to Eleanor who wanted to laugh soo badly but keep a serious face "goodbye!" Katy pulled me out of the salon and we walked to the parking lot "nice!" I smiled "she deserved it although it wasn't much I don't like her attitude she is a bitch!" Katy turned on her car "yeah what about Eleanor?" I asked "look" Katy pointed and Eleanor was walking towards the car,I opened the door "can I get a ride?" Asked el "sure hop in" Katy said.I shut the door and we all looked at each other and started laughing hard "she aha is throwing a tantrum" Eleanor managed to say "good!" Katy smiled proud about four minutes later we all calmed down "I'm sorry for bringing her along" Eleanor said "it's fine" I said "maybe some other time same thing just without star" Eleanor suggested and we stopped at her home "yeah next time" I said looking at Katy knowing there probably isn't a next time "alright I'll text you bye girls!" Eleanor walked out and Katy began to drive to my house "she is a really nice girl" Katy said taking a right "yeah she is,Katy will there be a next time?" I changed the subject.Katy glanced at me and continued driving we were a block away from my home "Mia" is all Katy said and we got home "well!" I raised my voice "I'm not sure when I'm leaving I was told my flight leaves in two days but that might change I don't know" Katy looked at me "two days! What no we may have our ups and downs but no you can't go" I couldn't say what I wanted "I know but my aunt says its best for me and my grandma" Katy's eyes became watery "first Niall no not even going to talk about him it will be empty without you in going to go back to the lonely lady talking to her dog!" ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬Yo! My best friend,best friend till the very end cause best friends bests friend don't have to pretend ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬Katy's ring time went on,great perfect song for now "I have to take this"Katy whispered "hello?" She answers her cell "bye" I walked out the car,two days...going to make sure they're the greatest two days of her life!
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