Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


28. Chapter 28-Hi Eleanor

Mia's perspective   "There you have it girls" the man on the tele spoke "they are one happy couple!"the lady said as well "after the break we will talk about Rebecca walls and her third husband!" They went to madly in love so I guess what I felt with Niall was nothing,I sighed and turned off the tele. 'Up to bed,goodnight Cheerio' I whispered **New day,New morning** I couldn't sleep just watching that stupid gossip channel ruined my night  and I need something to get my mind off of it,I was thinking of calling zayn cause he said if I ever needed someone he was here though its awkward talking to Him about niall, knowing he might still have feelings for me and it goes likewise,I walked up to my closet and took out a pair of sweats and a hoodie,a walk in the park would be nice and peaceful. I changed grabbed my chucks and put my hair in a high pony tail. I walked out my door skipped breakfast and didn't feed Cheerio hope he doesn't starve. The weather was cloudy,looked like there was going to be a storm. "Excuse me love" a kid spoke as I just stood in the park blocking the bike trail "oh sorry" I moved aside. There was no birds out or many people out here,quite chilly. I went over by the swings and just dragged my feet "may I sit here?" I turned to see a tall pretty brunette with curly hair split right in the middle wearing a pair of shades "sure" I said,she made her way and sat. Call me crazy but she looks like Eleanor Calder or it could be any other chick "it's cold out" she said "yeah" I agreed "sorry my name is Eleanor"she put her hand out   "Hi I'm Mia" I shook her hand "what's a girl like you doing here alone if you don't mind me asking" girl like me? "Its fine and I was just getting some air,what are you doing here?" I asked "oh I was here with um some friends but his girlfriend is so,so I don't know how to describe her and my boyfriend had to go so he left me with them and I just walked away" she played with her feet "oh sounds like she is annoying" I asked looking Eleanor in the eyes "yeah she really is" "so" "look there they are now!" She pointed behind me and I turned "crap" I mumbled "guys over here!" Eleanor waved her hands  "bye!" I yelled speed walking the heck away "wait!!" Eleanor said pausing telling her friends to say in place "Mia!!" Eleanor cried my name and I decided to stop "what?" I asked mad "why are you going don't you want to meet my awesome friends well 1/2 awesome" she tugged on my sleeve "Eleanor..."I said walking back wards "please I know I just meet you but you seem pretty cool! And I'd like you to too meet a famous person"she continued pulling me "I'll say hi then leave Kay?" I shake my head telling her 'capisce' "fine give me your phone number now then" she said disappointed giving me her cell I quickly typed my number and gave it back to her "thank you!" Eleanor practically dragged me over to her 'friends' which are Niall and a blonde chick"okay sorry for the wait but this is Mia!"she smiled "ugh we waited for this?"this blonde girl holding on to Niall's arm gave me a glare "hi!" I said preppy "bye now!" I waved cheerful as can be and walked away leaving "Mia!!" An Irish voice yelled but I didn't turn around call me rude but I don't want to see his ridiculously hot self,shut up Mia forget about him I shrugged it off and continued waking home   ELEANOR'S PERSPECTIVE

"Ew who was that,I hate her"star let out "Niall you know her?" I asked.Niall glanced at Star and blinked two times,I'm no eye teller or what ever you call it but I'm guessing two blinks means yes "alright funs over c'mon time to go home" Dave came whooshing his arms around "I'm not a horse dummy" Star pulled Niall in our black truck "no horse" Niall said without emotion,I sat down and took out my phone  'hey babe! :)x' I text-ed Louis hoping he replies quick 'hey Mia it's me Eleanor :)' I also texted Mia 'uh hi Eleanor' Mia text-ed back right away 'you home yet?' I replied 'yes my home is pretty close to the park' 'can we get together for some coffee?,you left too soon.' 'Sure I have nothing else to do,what time?' 'The Starbucks shop by cherry drive at 3:00' 'can i bring a friend?' 'Sure but ill bring a person as well' 'as long  as it isn't Niall' 'aw poo fine ill bring someone else' 'alrighty see you tomorrow then,talk to ya later!' Well when is Louis going to text me back? I pouted my lips "bye Niall" star gripped Niall hard and gave him a hard kiss "buh-bye star" Niall sat up and waved "bye!" I shut the car door "so Niall tell me about Mia" I said "Mia,what about Mia would you like to know?" The car started and we are heading towards the flat "you and her,you had your eyes glued to her when you saw her" Niall blushed "Well we meet at the mall from her friend Katy and its all went down hill from there we were good at one point and that was probably the best moment of my life but then Star happen and this is where we are now,strangers" Niall looked at him hands then out the window "oh" Is all I said trying to capture an image in my head "alright chaps,this is your stop" Dave said sounding like a conductor "good day!" I said following Niall as he took a step down out of the truck "bye!" Niall waved and entered the flat "anybody home! I'm hungry!"Niall shouted "ahh!" I gasped as I felt arms wrap around me "hi!" Louis plopped his head on my shoulder "Lou you scared me!" I giggled "sorry and sorry about not answering we were at an interview" Louis faced me "it's fine,what about tomorrow are you busy?" I asked "yes we are all busy" Liam came in the room "what busy!" Niall complained "we've got another interview and we're singing" Louis said "aw well who is going to hang out with me?" I asked "Danielle?" Suggested Liam "no she left this morning to New York" "oh,I beta call her"Liam walked out the room "Niall I hate to say this but can you call star and ask if she will hang out with me tomorrow? For coffee?" "Be back in 2!" Niall took out his cell "where are you going tomorrow?" Lou asked "coffee with a Friend I met" "female or male?" "Female" "alright it's all good then" "Louis I have guy friends too but there is only room in my heart for you! And that won't change" "I know" he hugged me "she said its going to cost you" Niall said walking back to the main room "cost me?" I asked breaking away from the hug "not money but camera shoots" he said "I don't understand" "she wants you to take pictures of her with you and put in in a social media for more publicity"  what the heck? *sigh* "I guess I'll accept" "no you won't who does she think she is!" Louis got in our conversation "it's fine Louis" I put my hand on his shoulder reassuring it's all good "then meet her at her flat tomorrow" Niall said going up the stairs. I guess I'll see her then

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