Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


27. Chapter 27- The Zoo

Louis perspective  

Management told me to leave but I stayed and listen,I don't like that Star girl and I find it very unfair to Niall "hi Louis watch doing?" I turned to see a curious Harry "nothing just listening" I replied turning around to see Niall,star,Liam and Zayn talking "to?" Harry climbed over me and peeked "Harry shew!"I pushed him "wait who is the cute blonde?"Harry said holding on to me putting his weight on me while I was on one foot "Harreh!!" I yelled and we fell making a loud thump noise on the hard wood floor "who are you?" Asked star "Niall help!" Liam yelled while grabbing on to Harry's hand and then mine helping us up "thank you" I dusted me self off "my name is Harry,Harry styles" he placed his hand out to Star "yeah I'm star,star Collins" she walked towards the stair case "ah" Harry nodded  his head looking at Niall like 'who the hell is this?' " what were you boys even doing?" Asked zayn stepping towards us "oh nothing just leaning on walls like all the kids now a days" Harry patted my shoulder,I guess I should agree to that answer that makes no sense "yup leaning on walls in the new thing,and when you fall it's even beta!" I said "strange lads" Liam said smiling "Well who are you? You haven't properly introduced your self" Zayn said said watching star "ugg how many times do I have to say am that guys girlfriend!" Star stomped her foot "calm down,that doesn't explain how you meet or how you are!" I said "lets get this straight,even you Niall" star started "my daddy is rich,yet he only puts me in commercials and I want to be in more than just a stupid commercial and That's were you come in Niall,I'm bored lets go to the zoo and make this 'relationship' public" she said putting air quotes on the word relationship, Niall sighed and took Star's hand looking mad,sad no I couldn't even detected what he was feeling probably miserable I would be if I had to date this jerk "Niall can I come with Eleanor?" I asked and his face lite up and in relief "that be great lad!" Niall said and I dialed Eleanor "hello?" Answered her beautiful voice,haven't heard it it a while "hi love you busy?" I asked "lately I have been studying and all but I'm free today!" I could hear the joy in her words "great! Ill be at your flat in twenty" "can't wait bye babe!" "Bye!" I hanged up "Niall she is coming,gunna get dressed" I hopped up the stairs and heard star groaned. I looked in my closet and took out a leather jacket,a pair of khaki trousers and a blue shirt "hurry Lewis!" Star called my name incorrectly. I changed and went downstairs to find nobody so I walked out and the car was turned on with security "finally!" Star glared at me "you know what you little bi-" "Louis!! C'mon mate!" Niall pushed me in the car and star followed "where to?" Asked Dave the driver "cherry drive 5432 avenue S and then the zoo" I said as Niall buckled his seat belt,about five minutes we drove up to Eleanor's home"be back" I walked out having Paul behind me "Paul I'm just picking up El" I rang the door bell "I know but just to be safe and all we don't want you boys getting hurt" Paul stood like a statue behind me,nice to know he cares. The door open slowly and I saw Eleanor looking beautiful as always she was wearing her flat sandals with a top just a tad bit above her stomach and tight jeans just a little up showing her ankles"hi Eleanor" I gave her a hug "I missed you" she held me tight "I did too,I did too" I whispered and broke away holding her hand "ready?" Asked Paul. I nodded my head and we walked back into the car "hi Niall" Eleanor smiled "hey El this is Star my uh girlfriend" he said hearing the struggle of saying she was his bird "hello Star what a lovely name" Eleanor put her hand out to greet her and star shook it quick"the pleasure is all mine"she did this poo face "how much more time?" whined Niall "not long we are actually just a block away" said Dave "drive faster then!!" star butted in "we can't there is traffic cant you see?" I asked,I don't think ill be able to make it to the zoo with the girl about seven minutes later"where here"Dave said  Eckk!!" Star squeezed Niall's hand "me first!" Said Tim who was sitting behind us "then me" said Dave "then I" said Paul. They all took their steps out and  star jumped out the car forgetting bout Niall,I took Eleanor's hand as she walked out the car and we were guarded by Dave" Niall stick with Paul!" Dave yelled in our ears "that goes for you too Blondie" said Tim sticking two fingers out and doing the I'm watching you face "where would you like to go first?" I asked El "the penguins" she smiled "penguins it is!" I lead the way but was stopped by Paul "wait they are paying" he said and I glanced at star and Niall,she was blabbing about something which made Niall look bored "what is up with star?" Asked Eleanor "it's for publicity" I replied "well it all makes sense now,Niall would never date someone like her" she said with a smirk,it was true Niall wouldn't date a girl who was all look at me I'm hot kind of person "excuse me" I turned around to see a girl that looked about the age of twelve "yes?" I asked "can I have a picture?" She asked holding up her camera "sure babe!" I smiled wide waiting for her to come to my side "done Thank You !" She said "wait,you don't want to be in it?" I asked "I do but" "no buts come here" I snatched her camera and took two quick pics one of her and I and one of her with Eleanor "Thank You" she waved goodbye "your fans are sweet" Eleanor smiled as she watched the little girl disappear in the distance "boys ready to explore?" Tim gave each one of us a map "in case any if you get lost,which won't be happening" Paul said pointing, pointing means he must be serious "ahh!! Niall!!" We turned to see a ginger girl and a brunette "get lost!" Star hissed and I glared at her "you can't talk to our fans like that!" I snapped at her "who are you?" The brunette asked "Niall's girlfriend" star smiled evilly griping Niall tighter "oh so I guess no pictures then" the ginger said disappointed "no off course photos!" Niall let go of star and posed with the girls "take it" he handed the camera to Dave "where is the Dave please take a picture?" Dave laughed and Niall pulled me in the pic "say cheese!!" Eleanor did a silly face while we took the picture to make me smile "ahh! Thanks!!" They squealed and skipped away"okay where first?" Asked Dave "Penguins!!" I yelled knowing that's where Eleanor wants to go first "penguins it is!" Paul lead the way holding up the huge map "I hate penguins" I heard star whisper to Niall,how can you hate penguins? We arrived at the exhibit area for the penguins and one by one a penguin came sliding out of its cave"look Louie!!"Eleanor said with excitement"Lets take a picture!"I suggested taking out my phone ,Eleanor put her arm around me and smiled "on cheese" Paul took my phone and held it up "say cheese!" Tim butted in 'click!' "Here" Paul handed me my phone and the picture was lovely,you have Eleanor and I with the penguins habitat in the back"I'm going to put in on twitah!" I said showing El the photo "okay but send it to me first I want to set it as my background" she smiled and turned back to the penguins. I pressed send and it sent to Eleanor then I clicked the twitah app 'just having a wonderful day with my love' I tweeted with the photograph "c'mon fellas" Niall said and I glanced at the penguins but they were gone,it was nice while it lasted "where next?" Asked Niall "anybody have the paps numba? I'd like to call them,that we're here" said Star "who has the paps on dial?" Asked Eleanor "no let us enjoy the zoo a little more before it gets chaotic" I said"Ugg well this is no fun" star walked up to a couple "what is she doing?" I asked "I have no idea" Niall replied and we all kind of just stared. three minutes later Star handed them money and she came back to us "what was that all about?" Asked Niall raising an eye brow "oh nothing,lets go see the monkeys!!" Star said joyfully "she just said this was boring" Eleanor whispered in my ear giving me a confused face "right I don't understand" Paul, Dave and Tim did this secure triangle as we walked with star pulling Niall way upfront and el and I in the back.The monkey exhibit was full with people just watching them eat bananas "Eleanor!! Louis!!" We turned around "can I get a picture!!" Four girls in a group yelled from a bin on the other side "Paul were gunna go over here and take pictures" I said walking hand in hand with el "no get your arse over here" Dave became serious "really quick?" I asked making my voice low "fine quick!,Niall,star over here" Dave said "ahhh!! Elounor! In the building!" One yelled and flashes of photograph from her friends were taken "ahh Niall horan!!!" Soon the little crowd of girls became big "move aside!!" Paul yelled pulling me and Eleanor away "Tim get Niall and star!" He added "this way"Dave said escourting us back in the car "I'll be back" Paul left and we hopped in the black car "no fair we only saw monkeys and penguins" I complained "sorry Lou,but It was getting mad,there is only three of us and four of you"Dave said "next time" Eleanor rubbed my back

    NIALL'S PERSPECTIVE   "Star where the hell did you go!!" I tried pushing through the crowd 'Niall!!' 'Niall!' Is what I constantly heard and I began to feel overwhelmed "OWW!" I yelled feeling a cut rip through my skin "Niall!!" The familiar voice of Paul came to rescue "Niall are you okay?!" Paul grabbed me "where's star?" He asked but I didn't speak "Paul over here!" Tim yelled holding on to a blonde nether the less it was star "Niall!!" She ran and wrapped her arms around me giving me a big smooch on the lips "this way" Paul and Tim surrounded us leading back to the car "Niall you're safe!" Louis hugged me "Niall everything alright?" Eleanor asked feeling my forehead "what did you do!" Louis screamed at star,the car starting to leave "Paul,explain please we are worried,well two outta three are"Eleanor said "I found him in the crowd had to pull him out who on earth called all those girls" he said " I did so we can be all over the net" star spoke "you!! I'm claustrophobic around fans!" I finally spoke "I didn't know" star simply shrugged it off "Niall you're bleeding" Eleanor pointed to my arm which had a huge scratch the was pretty deep "oops" star unbuckled her seat belt and walked out "see you tomorrow Niall" she smiled I'm guessing this is her home "bye bitch!" Louis waved his hand out the window And we all laughed but Louis keep his serious face "babe don't let her get the best of you" Eleanor kissed him on the cheek "it's true" I said feeling my scratch "I know but she is such a pain!" Louis let out "Behind a jerk there is an answer" she said "What do you mean I asked?'" "Something might be bothering her which makes her act like she does"El said "Oh" Louis and I said in unison "Eleanor we're here" Dave said opening her door "bye babe" Louis kissed her "get a room!" I said grossed out "haha we will" Eleanor joked and walked out.About five minutes later we arrived back to our flat "bye guards" Louis said stepping outta the car "take care lads" Tim said moving up "louis It hurts" I said as he opened the door "let daddy take care of it" Louis placed the keys down "Liam James Payne get down here!!" Louis practically screamed at The top of his lungs "yes" Liam ran down the stairs cautiously "Liam cure me" I held my arm "what happen to my baby!!??" Liam took me to the loo,Louis behind us"Well it's all Star's fault" Louis said,Liam took out a brown bottle labeled hydrogen peroxide with band aids and cotton balls "star did this to you?" Liam asked pouring liquid on the cotton ball"Not exactly" I answered watching him get closer to me cleaning my cut,"it won't hurt Niall" Liam grabbed my hand and I swallowed the lump on me neck as he slowly placed the soggy cotton ball on me cut "erggrr" I moaned in pain it burn "see all better!" Liam finished and I took a look at my bandaid "a bat man,toy story bandaid where did you find this?" I asked "I went to see my mum today and she gave them to me she said she got them custom made for her favorite son sick right!!" Liam smiled bright "they're pretty sick" Louis said as we all got out da loo "boys!" Zayn called from the den. We all huddled around the tele "sick bandaid" Harry said "thanks!" I replied "shh!" Zayn shushed us "what zayn" Louis said "look at this!" Zayn played the program which looked like one of those celebrity scandals shows "One directions day out or just Niall,Louis and their girls" the lady hosting this program spoke "what" Liam said "according to some lucky ladies that where there said the single chap Niall horan is no longer single as we caught some lips action between the pair,as you can see in the picture above" she continued "according to a couple they informed us they are madly in love and truly happy" she added "there you have it girls" the man spoke and zayn paused the tele "madly in love?" Asked Harry


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