Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


26. Chapter 26- Oh gosh

Niall's Perspective

After last night I went up to my room and practically cried myself to sleep, what can I say I am a sensitive guy and what management says happens. I've been pretty bummed out but Carl and bob told me to call Mia and have her come over. Management also said they will be here in ten minutes and well it's been seven minutes so I might as well call her "priiing priiing" my phone was connecting to the line "priiing priing" it rang "You have reached Mia Knight please leave a message after the beep....beep!" The phone person spoke "um hey Mia it's me Niall and I was wondering if you could come over, right away? Call back bye!" I said and hung up well that's strange she always answers to me * single tune ringtone* "hello?" I said "hi Niall sorry I was um distracted" Mia said awkwardly "Well did you hear the voice mail?" I asked "yeah ill be over in like five minutes I am in my car bye!" Mia hanged up "Niall get down here!!" Louis screamed my name and you could hear his accent. I followed his word and walked down the stairs to see Louis,Carl,Bob and a beautiful blonde babe "there you are Niall!" Said Carl "this is star,star meet Niall" Bob said as I got closer "hi star" I said Then turned to Louis 'what is going on?' I mouthed to him ' I don't know' he said back "Niall,star here is your new girlfriend" Carl said pushing her to me "oh my gosh" said Louis "this is the plan,I want this relationship public and when Mia comes kiss star in her face make her hate you!" Bob said harshly but demanding at the same time "but that makes no sense star is and ordinary girl like Mia why can't I date Mia!?" I asked "excuse you don't compare me to a peasant I'm no ordinary girl my daddy Is rich and I have been in commercials!" Star snapped at me... What? and I thought she was nice "Ding Dong!" The door rang and we all faced it "Niall kiss her we will be over here,Louis leave bob get the door!" Carl said hiding behind the table."Fine! I didn't want to be here anyway goodbye! Louis said but went behind the wall still watching. I stepped back not wanting to kiss star "come here!" She grabbed me and planted her lips on mine I could hear the door open and a few shuffling feet "Niall!!" I broke away to see a teary eyed Mia "Mia I-I-" "Just,just shut up why did you even call me!" Mia interrupted me,whipped her cheek and walked out "Vas Happening!" Zayn came in the room with Liam,seeming happy "who are you?" Asked Liam "I'm Niall's girlfriend!" Star smiled evilly and the boys looked at me like 'what?' "Our job here is done,bye boys" management walked out and star intertwined her hands with mine


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