Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


25. Chapter 25- Management


"Ohh! I'll Get it!" I yelled grabbed cheerio and headed to the door "Hi zayn!" I opened the door and he entered throwing his coat on the stair case"Yeah" Zayn mumbled and walked to the kitchen,what is he in a hurry for? I followed to the kitchen and zayn was close to Mia and she backed away "Zayn we need to talk" Mia sighed and sat down "I'll start" Zayn said "No I will its important" Mia said "This is getting good cheerio" I whispered to cheerio....I need friends "At the same time?"Suggested Zayn "But I won't hear you, but fine" Mia crossed her arms "1...2..3-" "Flick!" I interrupted and they starred at me like 'Get out!' "1..2..3"Zayn said again "I saw you kiss Niall!" yelled zayn "I kissed niall!" yelled Mia at the same time so it sounded like mumble jumble but I heard kiss outta both of their mouths "What?" Asked Mia standing ", Niall" Said zayn backing away "What did you say?" He added "I kissed Niall,I'm telling you and not keeping it a secret" Mia said looking hurt "It was bound to happen with one of the boys, I knew it and I'm fine with it but you know what they say Love something let it go...comes back it's meant to be and I guess I'm saying Lets break and give it a chance some other time when things are settled down...Just know I'm here for you" Zayn grabbed his coat and walked out "I'm sorry Mia" I said putting cheerio down. Mia simply picked up the silverware and put them in place...I should probably go and leave her some alone time "Mia, I'm going to see my grandma call me if you need me"I walked out and headed to the corner coffee shop on Mia's block.The weather out today is nice, It's quite breezy. I passed the street and into the shop "Excuse me" A little girl said wanting to walk out but I was blocking the exit "Sorry" I walked over to the line



"Lads! Come here!" I said standing in the center as if I was giving a speech "Yes?" Harry fixed his hair "What do you want Liam?" Asked Niall "I was on the phone, whats so important?" Came Louis taking a seat "First off where is zayn?" I asked "He um went out, I think" Harry said and the door opened "Zayn!" Cheered Niall "Glad you're here, Care to join us?" Said Louis "Lad please take a seat" I said and zayn just sat by Louis without emotion "Well I was already told this news well half but Management is coming to tell you all so we will wait"I said "What did we do this time?" Asked Niall "Nothing Its about Mia" I said and zayn's head shoot-up "What about Mia?" Niall and Zayn said in unison causing them to stare at each other weirdly "DING DONG" I walked to get it knowing who was coming "Hi Liam" Management greeted me and walked in wearing their black suits "Boys sit"  They said and I followed orders basically when they walked in the boys became Angels and followed orders,if only they listened to me like that "I Don't know if Liam mentioned anything but we found this" They held out a magazine with the title 'Mystery Girl with one direction' "Now,we can't see who it is or know who it is but you boys know" Said bob (Made up name for management) "And Its says she looked friendly with zayn, So zayn who is she?" Said Carl (Made up name for management) "Nothing you won't have to worry about it" Zayn spoke...Nothing to worry about,what happened? I looked at zayn and mouthed to him 'What happened' but he ignored me,hmp not very nice "Niall tell me about This Mia" Said Bob "Eh she is a good friend of ours and"Niall said but stopped and glanced at harry "C'mon boys stop making this complicated we just want to know who she is and maybe see a picture of her face...simple hmm ah! Liam why don't you tell us?" Said Carl facing me along with Bob. The boys stood up and went behind them mouthing 'don't tell them anything' "Um Like Niall said she is Our good friend and and she um is um dating zayn!" I cracked and said dating zayn fast "Liam!" Yelled harry "We aren't dating" Said Zayn "What?" said Niall "That's a good thing, besides zayn who else likes this Mia" Bob said and we all turned to Niall "Nobody sir" Said Harry standing near Niall, Like he has his back. No that is my job "Niall Likes her sir he likes her and they are quite friendly" Said Zayn and everybody turned to him like 'Zayn!!!' "Ah, We're sorry Niall you can't date this Mia girl or like her,we will send over a girl tomorrow,we don't want a picture but have her be here tomorrow we have a plan"Said Carl "good day boys" They walked out and I stood by Niall like harry was doing, Zayn got up and walked to his room Louis just sat their and Hary was still by Niall. I turned to Niall and he looked hurt but it feels like there is a secret I don't know about and I don't like it!




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