Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


24. Chapter 24- Zayn

Mia's Perspective 

"YOUR SO PRETTY WHEN YOU CRY WHEN YOU CRY" I was awaken by my ring tone "hello?" I answers still asleep "ahhh!! You're on a magazine!!" The familiar girl voice of Katy squealed "ugh My ear! do you know its early!!" I groaned "yes sleepy head it's kinda important!" Said Katy "does it show my face?" I asked awake realizing what she had said "I'll be over in 5! Bye!" She said and hanged up... Yup that's Katy I smiled and got up from bed and heard 'scratching on my door' that could only mean Cheerio. I scratched on the door to tease him and slowly opened it "roof roof!" He jumped on me "Cheerio!!" I laughed "DING DONG" rang my door jeez that quick? I put Cheerio down at went to open the door "love you're up look at this!" Katy said walking in my home shoving the magazine in the air "look at what?" I asked hardly seeing what it said given the fact she keepd shaking "roof roof" ran Cheerio down the stairs and attacked Katy "good boy" I smiled and took the mag "MYSTERY GIRL WITH ONE DIRECTION" was the front tittle and it showed a picture of the back of me,so that's wot I look like from behind? "I wove you I willy do"I tired my attention to Katy who was nose kissing my dog "ok! Enough fun! Where'd u find this?" I asked "At the corner coffee shop" said Katy putting Cheerio down,I rummage throw all the pages/ads and finally found the article in page 23,I quickly scanned the article and found the main things "soo" Katy said having a seat "did you read it?" I asked "no I saw lots of words i read the 1st 2 lines and title, can you read it to me?" She smiled "and I thought I was lazy!" I laughed "Read please!" She pointed her finger in the air "mainly it says the teen heart throbs spotted with a girl and I looked pretty friendly with the bad boy blah blah talks bout the boys past relationship and current crushes and this picture was taken at the mall when we first meet" I said leaning on the couch "ooh interesting tell me about the boys!" She said and I rolled the magazine up and whacked her "hey!" She yelled "read it your self!"i threw the magazine and walked to grab some kibble for Cheerio "Cheerio boy!" I yelled placing the kibble in his plate and setting it down"ruff ruff" ate Cheerio and I took out a bottle of water  "it's funny cause they say you looked pretty friendly with the bad boy but don't really know your dating!" Katy said walking towards me looking quite interested in the magazine and I spit out some water "woah!what was that for!" She asked as I Almost spit on her "hehe nothing" I grabbed a napkin "you don't giggle then say nothing in a sweet tone,it's something out with it!" Katy slammed the magazine on the counter "we'll um yeah I'm quite friendly with the bad boi" I said walking to the trash "Yeah He is your ridiculously hot boy!"Katy said avoiding my eyes, Psh hot she's never told me that before or at least I don't remember her saying so "Okay! I kissed NIall! while i'm still dating zayn.... yes I'm a bad person! I know help me!"  I slid my back down the cub-boards"When? why?"She took a seat by me "You know I've always liked him...and" "Wait ya do?" She cut me off "YEAH! I thought I made that pretty clear!" I yelled "ha..ha continue"Katy brought her knees up to her chin "Apparently I didn't" I watched her  "Niall made this really Romantic set up and I felt like a princess and he sang and me kissed, sparks magic ugh I'm terrible"  I said straight forward "Well if you ask me the best thing to do is tell zayn the truth or break up with him and tell him the reason" Katy said crawling to Cheerio "But-" 'DING DONG' I was interrupted by my own long door bell "Ohh! I'll get it!" Katy jumped with cheerio in her arms and answered the door. cereal time! I took out a bowl "Hi um Mia" I turned to see zayn inches away from me, causing chills down me "Uh Hi zayn wotcha doing here?" I walked backwards dropping some silverware "Zayn we need to talk" I sighed


Hi People whom read this :) Sorry I haven't been updating kinda blank out of ideas, but I added this sorry if its boring.

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