Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


23. Chapter 23- A Talk with coffee


"I'll be back" I said backing up from the window, grabbing my coat "Where you going?" Asked Liam "Away I need a drink or something" I said walking out "Take Harry with you I don't want you getting hurt and Paul is home with his wife I don't want to disturb him for you" He said. I don't need security, But I'll take Harry I need someone to talk, someone good with understands how you feel, I walked down the hall to harry's door and opened it quick then turned around"Harry put some clothes on and c'mon!" I said"Already In clothes Zayn" I looked over at him "Oh miracle! well c'mon lad!" I walked away down to the car "Where are we going?" asked Harry "Drive" I said sitting in the passengers seat, He turned on the car and we drove "For a drink or something" I said "It's cold out and I had a drink yesterday, my head still kinda hurts" He let out "Ugh fine... um coffee" I said slouching down in my chair crossing my hands. Harry drove to the nearest coffee shop and I'm surprised he didn't go to Starbucks.This coffee shop is small but not crowded in fact its quite empty, I noticed as we entered "Regular coffee?" asked Harry as I took a seat "Ya" I watched Harry order then faced in front of me and noticed something that captured my attention, I got up and walked to the magazine stand they had and picked up a tabloid...It read 'MYSTERY GIRL WITH ONE DIRECTION'oh lovely soon rumors will start or random girls will say its them,the picture was the back of Mia with us. When do they take these pictures? I put it down and walked back to the table,as I sat harry handed me coffee. I just sat there starring out the window to the stars "Everything Alright?" Asked harry "Harry, You've felt what true love feels like before...explain it.." I said taking a sip "Uh well erm...I guess the special girl make you Happy and put a smile on your face just from the thought of their name and I'm not sure how to explain it because I never understood what love was really like but a way would be looking in her eyes and feeling it"Harry said drinking his coffee "Her eyes" I mumbled "Is there anything particular you'd like to talk about?" He continued "Harry I was locked in my room after I talked to you about my shoes and minutes later I heard music so I looked out the window and saw Mia and Niall kissing...It looked really nice out there with the roses and candles and Its not fair I loved her first when Niall took Katy from me..." I looked him in the eyes "Zayn lad, do you really love her? or is it just her appearance, her kisses, just the fact niall was with Katy?" he asked "I uhhh" "You what?" He interrupted "I admit I'm really and I mean really into Katy but I'm really into Mia as well!" "You say you're into Mia as well but do you? Who do you have the stronger feeling for,Katy the bad girl sassy one but a good personality at the same time or the sweat heart who all she wants is to find the one.Who have you loved all along? make the right choice Malik" Harry stood and walked out "The right choice...the right choice" I said over and over again "Wait up!" I yelled and followed into the car.



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