Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


22. Chapter 22-Nobody Compares


Today I have a date with Mia... Yeah the day after I kissed another girl for a long time well not an awful long time just it was semi-long. Anyways I'm taking her bowling, we always go bowling but with Louis this time its just going to be me and her."Liam have you seen my shirt?" I asked as I saw him walk down the hall "Uh zayn?" He backed up to my door way "yes?" I asked "You have a ton of shirts in your closet." He said looking at me funny "Ya I know but I laid out a special one for my date!" "Where?" "On my bed while I showered" "Ask one of the boys maybe they grabbed it"He said and walked away


Niall's Perspective

"I hid his shirt" Said Harry with a smirk "Thanks" I said "Lads have you seen my baby blue shirt?"Zayn came in my room and asked, Harry and I looked at each other "No mate we haven't" I said "I think Louis took it to work outside in the mud" Said Harry..."Mud? ugh seriously not cool Mia will be here any minute" Zayn walked away pist "Mud? Good one harry, ya heard him she will be here any minute so when you here the bell ring I'll get it and lead her to my room give us a couple of minutes to talk,Got it!?" I said "Yes but what if zayn try to come in?"he asked "Hide something else" I said 'Ding Dong' "Hurry harry!" I pushed him and he ran down the stairs, I ran as well. I was at the door and took a deep breath "Hello" I said. I leaned on the door side wall with my arm up. as I opened it I saw Mia looking beautiful like always in her dress"Haha Little armpit hair I see"she giggled "Yes, I bet you have a ton!" I grabbed her and we were outside"N-i-a-all let go of me" she laughed my name out and I lifted her arms "Okay you don't have armpit hair" I said putting her arms down and making her face me "I told you! Crazy now I'ma go see zayn!" She moved and walked towards the door "Wait!" I grabbed her wrist and she looked at me " want to go with zayn...?" I said what I really felt"I um came because I have a date with zayn" She looked at the ground, I sighed "Well may I please talk to you?" I asked letting her go "I guess" she said walking to me. I looked at her hand then here face and gave her the eyes"May I hold your hand?" I said "You and your eyes!" She smiled and intertwined them "Psst! Niall!" I heard from the bushes "Uh I'll be back.." I walked to the bush "Hello?" I asked "Oh good you heard me" "Harry?" "Yeah I hid zayn's shoes but he said he would wear a differ pair so I locked him in his room and ran, Hurry up" He said and I walked back to Mia and held her hand "Everything Alright?" She asked, probably confused that I just talked to a bush "It just got better" I smiled. I walked her to the back of the house, Yeah not very romantic...well at least not yet. It was dark outside like afternoon, light and dark.I walked her to this old little gazebo covered in lights with a pathway of roses and colorful circled lights to see where we are walking,inside was a bench and candles on the outer sides and my favorite was my guitar on the side"Wow Niall this is" Mia had her mouth shaped like an 'O' shape "Beautiful" She smiled "Who's the lucky girl?"She asked, Isn't it obvious "You!" I said "Me...Oh Niall...But Zayn"She pointed to herself and her smile faded "Can we forget about zayn for one stupid minute!" I sat down "I'm sorry, I won't talk about him,But what did you want to talk about" Mia stood their "Mia... I'm sorry that we got off on the wrong foot, From the mall,to Nandos, to Starbucks and the hospital...I'm sorry I've been wanting to tell you that since it's all my fault"I said resting my head on my hands and Mia sat by me "Niall it was never your fault trust me, Starbucks was me. I ran and got hit" she said "By why did you run?" I asked looking at her face"It was a stupid reason...I um thought you hated me" "Mia I don't hate you or never will no matter what I um..." "You um what and even ask Katy I went crazy just thinking" she smiled that smile. I ignored what she said and grabbed my guitar, This is my chance! I strummed the beat to 'Nobody Compares by us (one direction :)'♫  ♪ ♫Your so pretty when you cry, when you cry. Wasn't ready to hear you say goodbye, Now you're tearing me apart tearing me apart.You tearing ME apart...You're so London your own style,your own style, your own STYLE and together we're so good so girl WHY are you TEARING ME apart, tearing me APART? you're tearing me apart, Did I do something STUPID? Yeah girl if I blew it, Just tell me what I did lets work through it, There's gotta be some way to getcha to want me like before...Cuz' no one ever looks so good in a dress, and it hurts,cuz I know that you won't be mine TONIGHT, No one ever makes me feel like you do,when you smile,baby tell me how to make it RIGHT, Now all of my friends say it's not really worth it, But even if that's true, No one in the world could stop me,from not moving on, baby even if I wanted To... Nobody Compares to  YOU" ♪ ♫ I finished and put my guitar down "Niall That was amazing"Mia walked up to me and gave me a hug "Amazing That you feel the same way?" I whispered in her ear "You could say" She whispered "Really?" I put my hands on her shoulder "You do!" I said happily breaking form the hug looking her in the eyes "I always have,That's why I totally freaked from the thought of thinking you hate me,Niall I really like you even further than Like, I don't even know how to explain!" She looked into my eyes "We have been on the same page all this time" I laughed "I guess we have" She said and got close to me, I closed my eyes right away and our lips touched I always liked the way I felt a little shock and how she smiled in between the kiss. I put my hand on her cheek and we kissed in a lighted gazebo with roses

Zayn's perspective

"Help! Help!" I banged on the door ugh I've tried for hours! Where is everybody I walked to my bed and heard a guitar. I walked around my room and by the window it was the loudest, I opened the curtains and saw the gazebo lighted up with roses?  I tried to see who it was but I couldn't see that well I pulled down the window to hear if I could recognize the voice. I would yell help but he was playing the guitar "You're so pretty when you cry, when you cry" Hey that's our song and that's niall! Niall and ugh I can't see who he is singing to "Hey zayn" I turned to see Liam walk in my room "Now you come! I've been yelling for hours!" I yelled at him "Sorry,sorry I was downstairs" "Next time I'll be down stairs too" I mumbled "Watcha looking at?" Liam asked getting on my bed looking out the window like I did"Hey Its niall!" he said "Yes, I know but who is he with?" I asked "Um... It looks like a girl, aww he is singing to a girl, now they're kissing... Niall" "Kissing who!" I pushed him to see "I can't see!" I whined "Hmm oh its Mia! see!" Liam said plain out, I popped my head to see if it was true...Niall finally moved out of the way and yes it was Mia...



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