Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


21. Chapter 21- Forgive me?


After Niall and Mia kissed I went in the bathroom, I wouldn't say I'm mad or anything just need time to get away and think. I truly enjoyed the kiss between zayn and I didn't mean to go over the time limit but I didn't want to break away and neither did zayn like I pulled away a bit but since he had his hand on my cheek  he didn't let go .Every time I kiss Niall its nice but not amazing like the way it feels kissing zayn. Mia oh Mia, I've been a real butt to her lately and I wouldn't blame her if she hated me...A chat wouldn't hurt. I walked out of the bathroom and into the living room, I didn't see Khloe and Kristy anymore so I can drop the dumb act. Everyone was on the couch "Mia can I talk to you?" I said interrupting the program "With me?" wow um alright" Mia said getting up from the couch "Why so surprised?" I asked,we walked to the guestroom by the restroom "Well you called me a dog and I haven't talked to you since Lucy's..." She sat down "That's what I want to talk about...I'm sorry" I said Timid of what her reaction might be and took a seat by her "I was such a jerk, I guess dating some big pop star made me crazy in the head and I'm jealous because you're still the sweetheart I meet and you haven't turned loco! and Kristy and Khloe not even my real friends, I meet them at a club and they seemed really drunk but then I realized they're just really stupid and nobody can compare to you!" I cached my breath getting teary eyed "Ever since I started dating Niall I was so messed up to you and I'm sorry,I truly am! and I'm sorry for kissing zayn and I'm just soo sorry for everything" I put my knees to my face and cried "Katy please don't cry" Mia put her hand on my back " all t-the-e s-ccares we-wee sha-ared, our friendship I-I-I ruined it"I said "I forgive you, I-I forgive you" she hugged me "See!now you made me cry!" She whipped her eye "No-o hard feelings?" I stuttered "Lets start over like before we meet the boys" Said Mia sniffling and breaking form the hug "I'd like that" I smiled whipping my eyes "Speaking of them how did you meet them?" she asked. I took a deep breath and smiled "It's pretty simple to simple to even be real" I sniffled "It all started at the park, I was with my grandma and this man was yelling "Kevin! Oh Kevin! where are you?" and I just started smiling because it reminded me of Louis from 1D but I didn't know it was actually him at the time. I told my grandma I'd be right back and I went up to the 'pigeon man' and asked if he needed help but he started yelling "SHE IS ON TO US BOYS RUN!" which attracted his friend in the black leather jacket and sunglasses aka zayn, we talked had a few laughs and when I got back to my grandma harry was their and they were having a conversation on the movie love actually. Then I ended up meeting Liam and Niall, Pretty funky but we became friends and I texted you because I wanted my you to meet them too!" I said "Hahahaah!" Mia laid on the bed laughing,I smiled "I'ma go finish some business" I said patting her leg and walking out, I went back to the living room "Um where's Niall?" I asked "Kitchen" said Harry "Um guys can I talk to you?" I asked "Sure babe you've got three minutes your time starts now!" Said Louis pausing the telly"No"said Liam looking at Louis "You have more than three minutes love as much time as you need" he continued facing me this time"I'm sorry...for everything,even bringing Khloe and Kristy acting like an idiot sorry and I know I haven't been acting Like the Katy you meet at the park and I'm sorry" I said walking away "Wait!" Yelled zayn and I stopped to turn around "Come here" said Liam and we all got into a group hug"Group hug!"Yelled Louis in my ear"Louu!!"I complained and they laughed "we forgive you" said harry and I walked to the kitchen "Niall?" I asked and Niall put down his sandwich "Yeh?" He said "Can we talk?" I said "Alright" Niall took a seat by the table "Niall listen I'm sorry its-" "Yeah you want to break up it's not me its you I've heard if before" He interrupted "well yes but ever since I started dating you I changed and I don't like it so I think it's best.." I said "I couldn't agree more!" Niall said hugging me but I didn't hug back I was too surprised by his reaction "I noticed you changed and I felt weird confronting you about it" He let go "Niall this is weird but um..." I looked at the ground "But may I have one last kiss?" I looked up "Let me be your last first kiss?" He asked getting really close to my face to the point where our eyes meet, his eyes put you in a trance and all I could do is shake my head. Our lips touched his soft lips, I'm not going to lie I'ma miss those warm kisses. We broke away and he hugged be "I hope we can stay friends" he whispered and I could smell his cologne, he let go and walked to his plate "I do to" I said and walked out the door.

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