Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


20. Chapter 20-Get out of my kitchen! (House)

Niall's perspective

when we kissed it felt like Paris like I always dreamed it to be Lovely,amazing and I want more.Stupid Zayn had to end the kiss even though the one he shared with katy was longer. "I'am bored!" Yelled Kristy and Khloe.The circle was missing people and Katy was gone...Where'd she go?Liam on the couch with Zayn. Harry,me,Louis,Mia,Khloe,and Kristy where still in the circle."Then you should leave" Said Louis getting up "Like never" Said Khloe "Where's the sexy guy?" Kristy stumbled towards the couch "There you are why you like  hiding!"she said and grabbed Liam "Guys!" Liam yelped "Harry,Niall help me" Said Louis. I followed and Louis picked up Khloe "Boy you are heavy!" he said. Harry got Kristy and I grabbed Liam "Your safe" I whispered in his ear"This is why I need the Bat Man signal!" Yelled Liam with a finger in the air "Get out and never come back!" Louis practically threw Khloe and she made that clicking noise with her tongue when it touches the roof of your mouth. Harry tried his best to gently throw Kristy "And stay out!" I yelled, we clapped our hands like we had dust on them and like we just finished a job "Well that wasn't very nice" said Liam and we all laughed

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