Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


2. Chapter 2- You know them!


The next morning I got dressed into my white tank top,black shorts and my white Keds. I looked out the window and it looked a bit chilly so I grabbed my varsity jacket and straighten my hair. "Ding Dong" the door rang 'I'm coming' I whispered as I walked down the stairs and answered it "Morning Mia! Glad you're up!" Katy said joyfully she was quite the morning person "Hey so whats up?" I asked moving away from the door so Katy could come in "Well nothing much just wanted to have breakfast with you and a few of my friends I met" She said entering my home "Cool we're having breakfast with strangers!" I said sarcastically "Trust me you'll love them and I invited Jess so it won't be all strangers" Katy said "Okay" I mumbled and grabbed some oreos, I made sure to leave cheerio some kibble and walked out my door to Katy's car. She closed my house door and unlocked her car as she got in the drivers seat "Where are we eating" I asked feeling my stomach growl remembering I haven't eaten anything but junk food "Um I'm not sure" replied Katy. I opened the cookies and ate 5...they're the mini oreos "Can we go to the Villalobos Candy Shop?" I asked with a full mouth dropping a few crumbs "You are so not lady like! Said Katy I swallowed "Yeah that's not what I asked..." "Sure but we have to go to the mall first, that's like where everybody is going to meet" I shook my head and faced the window eating the remainder of the cookies, It was a beautiful day not too hot but not cold just In the middle. I smiled because I sounded like Goldilocks and the three bears "We are here do you want to get off or..?" Katy asked turning off the car "I'll get off I need to throw away my trash" I said "Alrighty then" she said.We entered the mall,I looked around and saw an elderly couple, a family and a man with his dog ha it reminded me of cheerio "Where do we wait?" I asked another question  "By a bench" answered Katy wow very descriptive there's like a million benches "I'll be back"  I walked to throw away my trash. Where's the bin!? I walked in a circle and finally saw one by the pretzel kart 'what!' I whispered and threw away the empty oreo bag. I walked back to Katy and she had five boys around her handsome if you asked me "Great! Your back Mia this is Liam, Liam this is Mia"Katy said introducing me to him HOW DOES KATY KNOW ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! I was star struck "Hi I'm Liam" he smiled at me and put his hand out "Uh...Hi Liam" I shook his hand and he elbowed Niall "Ow" He said and looked up from his phone and gave Liam the eyes while liam gave him the don't be rude face "Hi I'm Niall Horan, nice to meet you Mia!" He smiled  and shake my hand quickly and faced his phone again must have been on a social network or something "Hi babe louis here!" Louis said and brought me into a hug "Haha Hi Louis" I said breaking away from the hug "Um...Hi...I'm...harry" he said slowly and smiled "Hi Harry,Mia" I smiled back "And you are?" I asked zayn pretending like i don't know his name "Me? Well I'm Zayn!" he smiled "Mia" I smiled "I love your jacket" I added "Thank you love" He smiled again If smiles could kill... "Well now that everybody is introduced, lets get going!" Katy said "Where are we going to eat?" I asked once again "NANDOS!!?" niall looked up from his phone "I've never been to Nandos?" I said "Holy shit! She hasn't been to Nandos!?!" Niall yelled and put his phone away. "Neither have I,What is it like?"Katy asked "Get them to a Nandos QUICK!!" Niall shook harry and harry's eyes were wide since niall did it by surprise "Hahaha!!" I laughed and all eyes were on me causing me to blush of embarrassment "Sorry" I said "You don't need to apologize" Said Louis "It was cute" Harry said. Liam pulled Katy to the side and told her the directions? I walked away from the boys and went to Katy's car.Oh my gosh since when does Katy know 1D! Just last night I was watching them on tv and now I just meet them! I must be dreaming! I looked around and noticed I was the only person out here so why not "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I yelled  Minutes after Katy joined me. She turned on the car and followed the boys car hmm should I ask?... Nah I'll ask her later "So.... Are we going to the candy shop" I asked hoping she says yes "Crap! I totally forgot..." She said "Oh" "Um I'll go and get you something quick, yeah?"  she stopped following the boys and made a left Katy didn't turn of the car "I want choco-" I got cut off by her slamming the door "Late" I finished my sentence I wonder what Nandos looks like?... Katy came out of the shop that was fast "Here" she handed me what looked like jelly beans? "Great now we lost the boys, what color was their car?" Katy asked taking the route we came from I shoved a hand full of the candy Katy got me in my mouth eh not bad... "Oh um black? no blue" I answered  clueless of what she said "MIA!!!!!" I heard someone scream my name and so did Katy cause she pulled over, I stepped outside looked around "Hey what happen?" I turned around to see zayn "We... stopped to get candy" I smiled  and turned to their car its black I was right! Louis and Harry were sitting upfront. Louis making a silly face and harry just smiling "Oh well Louis says just to follow him, Tell that to Katy please" zayn said and walked towards their car"He said for you to follow Louis" I said getting into her car she shake her head. I ate more of the what I think are jelly beans. Katy continued to follow the boys for like a 7 minute drive, We arrived at nandos I believe. Looks like a good place to eat, I wonder what they sell to eat and- my thoughts were interrupted by knocking,It was Niall. I turned to my right and noticed that Katy was gone "Hurry! Up I'm starving!" Niall yelled I walked out almost falling on my face ,I could feel my cheeks getting warmer "Finally your out!" niall said irritated Jeez does he need food! We all walked into Nandos and as you entered you hear a little bell "Hello welcome to Nandos" The lady at the counter said "Hi Niall nice seeing you again" she added  "Hey Becky can we get a table for seven?" he said "I thought Jess was coming too?" I whispered to Katy "She was busy, Maybe next time she told me" "This way" The waitress escorted us to our seats "WOOO! Food time!!!!" Niall yelled boy does he love this place we sat at a booth Niall,me,Liam on one side Katy in the middle and Louis,Zayn and Harry on the other "Can I get you anything to drink?" asked the waitress "Pepsi" The boys said in unison "water" said Katy "Mia what about you?" Liam asked oh god I feel sick! "Pe-pe-Pepsi!" I managed to say Katy gave me that are you okay face "Okay! Here are your chip and salsa appetizer" said another waitress from behind "Oh Mia! You have got to taste this!!!" Niall said eager and shoved it in my mouth "Niall!" I cried I don't feel so good... "Ble-blu-bleh-bleck!" I threw up on niall "MIA! WHAT THE HELL!" niall got up and I looked at him with teary eyes "Mia are you okay?" asked everyone and I ran to the nearest bathroom.

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