Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


1. Chapter 1-Cheerio


I was sitting on my couch flipping threw channels 'What a boring Thursday night' I sighed "Beep Beep"my phone buzzed identifying I have a text message.It read 'Mia!! You busy~Katy' Well its 7:40 what trouble could I get into?Katy is like my best friend/sister, she is crazy I on the other hand am nice? I mean I'm an outgoing person just a lazy girl at times 'It depends~Mia' I replied to Katy,I got up and walked to the kitchen to grab me some chips.Hmm what am I missing?..."CHEERIO!" I yelled aloud and came a Yorkie Terrier "arf arf arf'"whimpered cheerio "You hungry boy?" "Ruff Ruff" I walked to get him some kibble "Beep Beep" went my phone I feed cheerio his food and checked my phone 'Never mind they had to leave~Katy' They? 'Who's they?~Mia' 'You will find out :)~Katy' "Beep Beep!" 'Can we hangout tomorrow?~Katy' asked again 'Yeah, and what will I find out?~Mia' 'Lovely! I'll tell you tomorrow G'night!~Katy' Yay! surprise I ate my chips and walked back to the boring couch with cheerio joining me "What do you want to watch?" I asked cheerio ha! its like talking to myself oh well he is my best dog friend I flipped threw the channels and stopped on The X Factor "Arf arf" said cheerio as he recognized what it was, It's like our show we've been watching it since forever even back with one direction. I noticed it was a re-run from Wednesday and there was a new one tonight. So much talented people,whats my talent?I thought.Blah blah blah one direction performing tomorrow night is all I heard "Ruff! Ruff!" Barked cheerio I think he heard what I did, he was like a Directioner dog!"That's right cheerio 1D!" I grabbed him and cuddled his brown and dark brown fur about 5 minutes until it started. I went back to the kitchen and grabbed chips and Pepsi what the heck a treat for cheerio too! I ran upstairs and also grabbed some blankets and a pillow, Back at the couch I set everything up nicely and sat down. Wait, wheres cheerio? "arf au" I heard and popped my head over the back part of the couch and saw cheerio trying to drag his pillow over where I'am aw! "Haha ya need help cheerio?" "Ruff!" I grabbed his pillow and put it on the couch with me "Du-do-do-do-du-do-do-oo-DO-DO-DO" The X Factor tune started playing ahh! I got excited and waited for Khloe and Mario to finish talking "Live From Hollywood Its The X Factor the results,Please welcome One Direction"The speaker man said and I could hear the live while we're young beat "Hey Girl I'm waiting on ya,I'm waiting on ya c'mon and let me sneak you out" Liam sang "Ah! Look cheerio its LIAM!!!!" I said with happiness "And have a celebration" Liam continued I could die I happiness it's not everyday ya see one direction on your TV I laughed at my thoughts now it was on zayn's part kill me! I stuffed my face with Hot Cheetos and gave cheerio his treat "WANNA LIVE WANNA LIVE WANNA LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG, Tonight lets get some and live while we're young!" the song ended but threw out the whole performance I was smiling like an idiot.

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