Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


19. Chapter 19- Lets Play Spin The Bottle


Katy has changed a lot since she started dating Niall, I don't think he changed her I doubt it! "Lets play spiny bottle game!" I heard Katy yell "Um you mean spin the bottle?" asked harry "Duh silly that's what I said" she touched harry's face "I don't want to play" I said "What are you a chicken bock bock?" Katy teased then coughed yep shes's drunk "No I have a boyfriend  I don't want to kiss anybody but him" I crossed my arms "Awe babe that's sweet" zayn came and wrapped his arms around me "Anyway!" Niall said annoyed "if you are like playing like sit like over here in like a circle" said Khloe pointing to various spots on the ground "I guess I'll play" said harry "I'm in" said Niall "I have nothing better to do why not?" said Louis "Will this get dirty?" asked Liam "Shut up and get over here sexy!" Kristy pinched Liam's bum "ow um alright I'll play" He said, It was just me and zayn not in the circle "C'mon zayn and Mia! its no fun without you!" said Harry "I'll play if you play" whispered zayn in my ear "No hard feelings towards the people we kiss?" I asked making sure who ever I kissed didn't cause a problem with zayn "I'm the jealous type but I trust you" He said and took my hand to sit in the circle. The circle consisted of everyone in the order of Khloe ,Niall ,Katy ,Louis. Zayn,Harry,me,Liam,and Kristy"Hehe like spin the spiny thing" Khloe said playing with her hair,someone please help these girls "Um I'll spin first I guess" said Louis and it landed on Kristy "Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!" Chanted Harry. Louis walked up to Kristy and gave her a half a second kiss, even though it was nothing it seem to put a huge smile on Kristy's face. "Lets skip Kristy and go to Katy" suggested Louis "That's me" said Katy "we all know babe" Said Liam "Alright spin" Niall said. she spinned the bottle and it landed on zayn,my zayn oh god katy please make it quick "The bad boy" Katy got up loopy and stumbled  towards zayn. I saw zayn swallow the lump on his neck and Katy slowly moved her head close to him, she was just inches away from his face ugh kill me. Their lips touched and they were in that position even when the seconds were over "Yoo hoo?" Liam waved his hand in their face and I felt like exploding "Lets skip them,Niall you go" Said Louis again. Katy and zayn finally broke away, I didn't even bare look at them. Katy the girl my so called best friend I sighed "Mia is it alright?" asked Niall ducking down to my level "What's alright?" I asked clueless of what was happening "I spun the bottle it landed on you" He said wow really I guess you can really get lost in your thoughts,should I quick kiss him or do what Katy did to me... make her feel what I felt? I thought and stared in to Niall's piercing icy blue eyes "Oh um yeah" I spoke and Niall slowly tilted his head, I could smell him he smelt wonderful, our lips touched and I felt a shock. I smiled as we kissed, I never had done it before "Ok you can stop now!" Yelled zayn and Niall pulled away. Niall was bright red and I had a smile on my face. To be honest that was the best kiss I have ever had.

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