Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


18. Chapter 18- Who are you?



It's been about a week since I asked Katy out,oh how much I regret it! Zayn ended up asking Mia out and they are a thing now. It kills me inside because I loved her first but I guess I'll just kepp my feelings to my self like always...oh! and I made two songs about my feelings that are on the album 'DING DONG' "I'll get it!" harry yelled and I walked to the staircase balcony area "AAHHH! HARRY SEXY STYLES!!!!!!" I heard girls yell and harry disappear "Uh harry?" I asked running down the stairs "So many people touching me I love it!" Harry yelled and I saw Katy with two girls they were wearing mini skirts with shirts to their stomachs "Hi baby!" Katy came and kissed me "AHHH!!! NIALL SEXY HORAN!" her friends yelled and came towards me feeling my hair "HE IS MINE!" Katy glared at them "Anyway this is Kristy and Khloe" Katy's voice turned high pitched and she pointed to her friends "Whats the commotion?" Liam came in the living room "AAHHH! LIAM SEXY PAYNE! AH!" they yelled again while I covered my ears "I need personal space please back away...wait sorry that was mean you must be can touch me...wait sorry not my willy or bum...sorry"Liam said "You like talk too much" said Khloe "But like you're like hot!" Said Kristy, they turned around to each other and giggled "Are you going to scream again?" asked Harry taking his hands off his ears "No silly"said Khloe talking to the plant "Katy may I have a word?" I asked tugging on her arm like she does to me "What!?" she yelled "are you girls alright?" i asked "Of course!" Katy walked back clumsy "If you say so" I whispered and sighed "Great! Niall your back!"yelled Liam in relief and Kristy got away from him. Harry hid behind me "Khloe keeps pinching my bum should I enjoy it or?" Harry whispered in my ear "WE'RE BACK!" we all turned around to see Louis,Zayn and Mia "AHH! ZANY SEXY MALIKY EHH!! AND LEWIS SEXY TOMLINSON!!" Kristy and khloe screeched and squealed again "Help!"yelled harry "It's Louis not Lewis!!" Lou went up in their faces "It's Zayn Malik not zany Maliky!!" zayn said behind Louis "What is going on?" Mia asked coming near me, she looked beautiful like always. "Niall?" she said firm "Katy brought some friends and either they are all drunk or just really dumb" I said "Get away from him you dog!" Katy pushed Mia "I'm no dog drunky! and don't touch me again" Mia walked towards Zayn and Louis "Don't talk to her she is like stupid!" Katy said, I'm about to give her a piece of my mind "Oh m gee!" yelled Kristy "ahh! a bottle!!" yelled khloe "lets play spiny bottle game" Said Katy walking up to them. Wow I've never seen three girls get excited over a bottle before...this is going to be a long night I sighed


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