Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


17. Chapter 17- Starbucks

Louis perspective

Zayn was Up All Night talking to me and I have these bags under my eyes. He told me to get dressed so I put on sweats, a beanie and a plain shirt. "Where are we going?" I whined "Mia's house" Zayn replied "Why do you need me then?" I said Cranky "I need a ride" He smiled at me "Zayn! You have to wake me up this early?!" "I didn't want Niall to see" "I hate you!" I started the car. Mia's house always takes forever to get to, you go over the bridge and past the mall and into the little neighbor hood take a left and- "WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING YOU PRICK!!" This what looked like an old lady barked at me "Screw you!" I lifted the finger to her "Lou you kinda cut her of..." Zayn said "No I didn't and If I did she has no right to call me a prick!" I said  "Remind me you need your beauty sleep or else you are grouchy!" Zayn said "Don't give me attitude!" I snapped at him. Zayn faced the window and I continued driving today  is the release of the album Liam is probably freaking out or so "Where here" I spoke "Thanks" Zayn said and opened the door.


Zayn's perspective

I closed Louis door and walked up Mia's drive way. Before I could knock on the door I heard Cheerio bark but I rang the ridiculously long door bell anyway "Coming!" I heard a yell and soon after the door open  "Hi love!" I smiled "Zayn you should warn me when you come gosh i'm always in my Pjs" Mia laughed and made way for me to come in "Well its the same question I always ask... Wanna hang out" I said with charm "Um haha I think I'm good" she closed the door and sat on her couch " Whyy??" I asked sounding desperate "We got chased by fan girls and saw Katy and Niall kissing...No thanks" Mia played with the loose thread of fabric on her shirt "Trust me we won't be seeing them do that again and I can make promises about the fans, they're unpredictable" I sat by her and smiled "Fine... Thank your smile its convincing" Mia got up and walked up the stairs "Can I play with cheerio!" I asked "Be my guest!" she laughed on the last step "Cheerio! Boy!" I said walking to the crate "Ar! Ar! Ar! ruff! ruff!" Cheerio said jumping high "happy to swea me?" I said babyish "Haha yo widdle paws and wet noise!" "Ruff!" " Can yo swea zayn?" "Ar! Ar!" "zayn!" I heard a familiar female voice "Ugh you didn't even change!" my voice cracked "hahah True I grabbed my camera haha" Mia laughed "Give me it!" I put cheerio down and my hand out "But zayn it waz adorawable cuz yo swea he has widdle paws" she joked and laughed touching her stomach "HA!" I grabbed the camera and ran outside "Zayn!!!!" Mia chased after me "Louis help me!" I yelled hoping on top on the car "whats going on?" Louis stepped out "Zayn has my camera" Mia said innocent "Zayn give it back!" Louis ordered "Since when do you act like Liam? she took a recording of me!" I said "What type of recording?" Asked Louis "A bad one" I said backing away "Ohhh I wanna see!" Louis came after me and Mia as well "Guys get away or else" I warned "Or else what!" Mia said "Or else or else it goes in my trousers !" Mia and Louis laughed so I put the camera in my trouser "wot now!" I yelled "I don't mind getting it" Mia stepped closer "Louis get her away from me" I demanded "I'm getting it but I'll go change first" she said running to her house "She is not a regular chick" I said walking in Louis car "wot did you say lad?" He asked going in a circle. wot is he doing? "Louis are you alright!" I lowered the window "Oh there you are" Louis got in the car "Yeah where else?" I asked "Snogging Mia" Louis winked at me "Shut up!" I pushed him "Guys open the door please!" Mia shaked the car door handle uncontrollably "Louis unlock it!" I said "I'm on it I heard." He said "Thanks" she said getting in the car "So where to?" Asked Louis "Starbucks?" I asked "Yum" Mia said and I looked at her from the car rear mirror and sticked my tongue at her. She did it back and a little dimple appeared on her right cheek. "You live near all the stores that's pretty cool" Louis said "Yeah it comes in handy" Mia replied " Where here!" I butted in and we all got off unlike last time I checked to see if any fans where around looks like nun in site. "Zayn you coming?" Asked Mia "Yeah just checking" I walked towards Louis and her "I'll order what would you like?" Asked Louis "Frappuccino" Mia and I said in unison "Alright go find a table" Said Louis " Towards the back?" Suggested Mia and I followed, we sat " So" she started off and I turned to look at her "You still have my camera in your junk?" She finished "Haah junk? I put it in my trousers" I said "Same thing, Is it still in there?" she asked "No I took it out" "where is it" "My pocket don't touch" i scouted my bum towards the left "Your drinks" came Louis "Thank you" Mia smiled "Wanna see a funny video of the bad boi here?" Mia pointed her hands up and down towards me "No he doesn't" I said before Louis could open his mouth "C'mon zayn!" Said Louis "Yeah zayn please!" Mia pouted her lips "Just because I'm having a good day" I smiled and handed the camera to Mia "Over here Lou" Mia patted the seat and the video of me talking in a babyish tone towards Cheerio showed up "Priceless!" Louis said laughing "I love this" Mia said "I don't" I mumbles and Louis phone rang "I have to take this" Louis said walking out. Mia took a sip out of her drink and I just starred like a weirdo "Yes" she laughed and cleaned the chocolate off her chin "Sorry its nothing" I said blushing " Well it must have been something" she smirked and the little dimpled appeared again "I never realized-" I got interrupted "I have to leave call me when your done so I can send someone to pick you up or I'll come" Louis said grabbing his drink and walking out the door "You were saying?" Mia turned to me "I never realized you had a dimple" I said "oh" Mia said smiling touching her cheek "Zayn!!!??" I turned to see Niall and Katy. ugh things were going well "Hiya" Katy tugged Niall's arm and he looked at her pissed " Can we sit here?" Katy's voice became high pitched "sure its not like we were talking or anything" Mia mumbled and scooted towards me "What bring you here?" Asked Niall " We were just hanging out" Said Mia "Oh well so were me and Niall, we were kissing and niall broke away and asked if that was Mia and zayn so we came over here" Katy spoke again with that annoying high pitch voice which she is obviously faking "Niall boo I tired we should go home, yeah!" Katy said making a circle on niall's shirt "I want to hang out just a tad more" Niall responded "But babe" Katy kissed Niall's lips "Still here!" Mia coughed "Katy..." Niall said braking the kiss "Niall! ugh! I'll be in the bathroom" Katy stomped and left "Her kiss is a spell alright" I said looking directly at Niall "Do you guys always have to kiss in front of me!?" Mia said irritated "I'm sorry,Mia can we talk its important?" Niall said with sincere eyes, Mia sighed "I guess"  "Oh good you got up!" Katy came and took Niall as if he was a toy "I guess we won't talk" Mia sat down and drank her drink.

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