Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


16. Chapter 16- Katy


"Niall get down here lunch is ready" Harry yelled. I skipped breakfast cause I just wanted to be alone and think about my feelings, I managed to create a song with Mia and Katy features but that's weird. I need a song for the one I like and that's the problem I don't know "I'm coming" I said walking out of my room and down the stairs "About time lad,Harry was going to eat your sandwich" Liam said and I gave harry the don't touch my food face and I turned around to see where was Louis and Zayn, I could care less I just don't want him near Mia.... "It's getting cold...and Lonely..." Harry said sliding the plate near him "Harry make your own!" I yelled at him a little too harshly "Sorry" I said and grabbed my plate walking towards the living room. "May I join?" Liam asked as I bit a big bite "Doesn't matter" I said with a full mouth "Oh niall..." Liam mumbled at sat down. Mmmm this sandwich is amazing! *Guitar strum* oh I have a text message 

<Hey babe wanna hang out?xx~Katy> 


<Whats wrong?xx~Katy>


<Oh just you didn't put kisses and stuff but never mind. I'll be at your house in 5 bye!x~Katy

I put my plate on the coffee table and went to my room brushed my hair and changed my shirt "DING DONG" that was fast I just talked to her like two minutes ago "Niall!! Katy is here!" Yelled Liam and I made my way down "Babe!" Katy ran to me and wrapped her legs around me "Uh hi Katy..." I said and she got down "Shall we go then?" she said "Bye guys" I said and followed Katy. Its funny I should be the one driving and all but my girlfriend is the one driving "Where should we go?" She asked "Um well I'm thirsty" I started "Starbucks?, I want coffee" Said Katy "Sure!" I smiled at her.


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