Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


15. Chapter 15-Fan Girls


"Hurry zayn!" she smiled "Bye cheerio!" I said walking forward,Mia shut her door and cached up to me "I still want a tape of you talking like a baby with cheerio" Mia said "No way...You weren't even suppose to see that" I replied "Well I did!" "What girl dresses so quick?" I said kind of annoyed she saw"I'm not like most girls and jeans plus a T-shirt not good enough for you pop star?" she asked.We stopped in front of the car "No that's not wot I meant and you make jeans and a T-shirt look hot!" I said with out thinking, hot...zayn? really? Mia just looked at me and got in Louis's car "Finally you get in here" Said Louis "Sorry Lou" Said Mia "It's fine babe, were's your apology bad boi?" Louis asked me "I'm not a bad boi!" I said sounding like the most annoying little kid but it got a giggle out of Mia "Where are we going?" asked Mia "Food? or entertainment?" asked Louis "What ever you guys want" she said "Mall?" I suggested "Too much people" said Louis "Movies?" suggested Mia "Perfect it's dark there" Louis said driving to the nearest cinema. It was a five minute drive but I made it, and all three of us walked to the booth "What should we watch?" asked Louis "AAHHHHHH!!!!!" we turned around to see a group of Fan girls from a school or something "RUNNN!!!" yelled Louis and I we grabbed Mia's hand running. We ran what felt like blocks  "This way!" Louis said going into an alley "An alley Louis? do you want to be killed by those-"I put my hand over Mia's mouth and the screaming directioners ran straight didn't even notice us "Eww!" I yelled "Don't put your hand on my mouth I don't know where it's been!" Mia said "You are not normal!" I laughed sliding my back down the wall "Is that good or bad" Mia stared at me and laughed "Zayn you can let go of Mia's hand now!" I looked over Mia and saw Louis "Oh sorry!" I let go and blushed "this running made me tired guys is it okay if I go home?" Mia said "Home!? Ya just got here!?" Louis said "Yes Louis I wanna go home too the pain in my legs is back" I said " What pain?" asked Mia "I'll tell you later" I said "Come on then!" Louis said walking to the car "THERE THEY ARE!!!!! GET THEM!!!!" more fan girls "RUNN! AGAIN!" I said and we barged in the car breathing heavily "Drive Louis! drive!" Mia yelled "I'm going I'm going!" He said. Louis drove like he did in LiveWhileWe'reYoung and we made it home,home sweet home "How do they find you guys?" Asked Mia "I dunno aren't you a fan?" asked Louis walking to the house door "Yeah but I don't know your guys every location and stuff" she said "Wow your house is nice" Mia said walking in "Thanks" Louis and I said in unison "C'mon lets go to the living room" Louis said moving his arms and we followed "Get a room!" Louis yelled because in the living room was Niall and Katy were kissing "I couldn't help myself" Katy said getting up "Uhh hi Mia..." Niall said "Goodbye! thank you Louis and Zayn for a nice day!" Mia said with teary eyes and walked out "I'll go give her a ride" Louis said "I'll drive home bye cutie!" Katy said hugging niall and walking past me like nothing. she was wearing a leather Jacket, with a lot of eyeliner and a tight dress looked like a bad girl to me. "Wot the heck Niall! I thought you liked Mia!?" I yelled "She made me kiss her!" Nialler yelled back "Then why didn't you stop!?" I asked "Cause maybe I liked it...." niall looked at the ground ashamed "So you guys are official then..." I asked not even making eye contact "Yeah...At Nandos she came up to me and asked and I had to say yes I don't want to see her the way she drove me home...with her friends car..." Niall said "But Niall" My voice cracked "GUYS! GUYS! ARE FANS ARE PRE-ORDERING TAKE ME HOME!" Liam came running into the living room and I turned to look at him giving him sincere eyes "Oh sorry guys I'll go bother Harry but please don't argue..." Liam said walking up the stairs "Niall you have no feeling for her what so ever!" I said wanting to punch him"How would you know you're not me!" "You are only doing this to hurt Mia!" "Mia, Mia stop saying her name you don't give a crap about her!" "Who says I don't!"  "So now you like her too! First Katy then Mia screw you!" Niall walked passed me bumping me shoulder "You only like Katy cause her kisses! and Mia is wonderful girl and you just bring hate to her" I yelled making him turn around "Her kisses put a spell on me! and If you care about Mia so much then why don't you ask her out! Malik! I don't bring hate on her!" He barked at me "Maybe I will and whatever Niall! Do want the hell you want like I care!" "Fine!" He stormed to his room 

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