Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


14. Chapter 14- Kibble Breath


I took a shower like Liam suggested never ever ever am I going jogging with that physco again! I walked down the stairs and I felt like I could collapse my legs are killing me. Niall on the couch eating some potato chips like usual  and Louis with him. Harry upstairs I think and I don't want to know what Liam is doing "Uh Niall don't you have a date?" I asked sitting by Louis "Yeah I know, I made reservations at Nandos" Niall replied "Nandos!?" I asked "Very classy mate" Louis smirked "What time is it?" Niall asked "one about to be two" I replied "ahh!" Niall jumped over the couch and ran upstairs... It should be me going on that date I sighed "Want to watch a marathon of friends?" Louis asked "Sure I'll go make popcorn" I said getting up. I digged through the cabinet and found a bag, I popped it in the microwave and stood their waiting. Should I help Niall get ready?... Nah! 'BEEP BEEP' I opened the tiny door and reached for the corn "Ouch Idiot!" I yelled and dropped the bag "Everything alright?" Yelled Louis "Spiffy" I yelled back and lifted the bag and went back to the couch "Here" I handed Louis the bag "Thank you" He said *2 Hours later* "Was that good or what!" Louis yelled "Right next to you no need to yell! I've got pins and needles in me legs! and Liam gave me his so call jog that hurt my legs but now louis you hurt my bum!" I crossed my arms and pouted "Zayn it wasn't that bad" Louis tried cheering me up and rubbed my back "What ya guys think?" I turned to see Niall wearing tight trousers and a white shirt tucked in with a nice jacket hmm tight jeans white shirts he probably got help from Harry..."You look damn sexy!" Joked Louis "I guess you look decent" I said facing the telly "Cool,hey do you guys know if Paul is busy?" Niall ask "Why do you want Paul?" Louis asked "I need a person to drive me unless you guys allow me to drive?" Niall said "Do you want to kill Katy on your first date? boy let me drive you!" Louis said and I laughed "Lets go!" Niall said running in the garage "You coming bad boi?" asked Louis "I guess" I stood "Ahh my leg!" I yelled "Hahaha zayn you silly goose" Louis pushed me and we got in the car. The car ride is quiet and boring...Louis and Niall  keeps singing to song they doesn't know the lyrics to "WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER LIKE EVER" they finished "Do you guys even know this song?" I asked "uhhh" Niall said"No but we know this one!" Louis turned up the volume and 'Little Things by us' "Of course this is our song we rehearse it a lot!" I replied "We're here!" Niall put his head between the chairs and yelled in my ear "Niall!" I yelled but he ran out of the car "ahh!" "Wow look at Katy she um looks fit!" Louis said facing the window just starring awkwardly she looks pretty in that dress niall that lucky-"Thank you niall" I turned to see Katy getting in the car "Hi guys" she said "Hi babe!" Louis said "Hi kitty Kat" I smiled looking at Niall reaction to 'Kitty Kat' "How is Mia?" I asked "Um I'm not sure I haven't talked to her since last night" Katy replied "Don't you two live together?" I asked "Nope." ok then never mind I asked"Niall did you get the separate area to eat?" asked Louis "Yes so the paps won't see" Niall replied .We arrived at nandos "Bye love birds!" smiled Louis as they got out holding hands "Ugh don't call them love birds, they aren't love birds" I said harshly " he asked her out he has feeling for her... It was a cute joke.." He replied "Actually he was forced to ask her out!" I said "Forced wait wot? is that wot I missed last night?" He asked "Kinda..." "Tell me what happen or this car is not moving!" "Ok ok well... you saw how Niall pulled us out into the hall and stuff well he told us to keep it on the down low he likes Mia...and" "Wait! wait! he likes Mia!ohh continue" "Haha Lou um then Niall said 'do you want to make it obvious that I like her? and behind him came Mia  and she asked 'who's her?' and liam blurted out Katy and Mia and Niall had a little haggle and Mia said 'ask her out i bet you like that?' something like that and Katy came and asked ask who out and well it just ended up happening and yeah" I finished "Woah I need to be there next time... but I see what going on or at least I think I do." Louis said "Uh alright!" "Want to go to Mia's house?" he asked "You know where she lives?" I asked "Yes I am a stalker...haha no but yes I do know" he said and turned on the car. Louis drove for what felt like forever "We're here should I or you?" he asked "Me!" I hopped out of the car "Louis my legs don't hurt that much and I can feel my bum" I yelled putting thumbs up "Congrats I'm so happy for you!" Yelled Louis 'Ding dong ting ding da da' is wot I heard when I rang the doorbell long bell "Hi zayn come in" Mia smiled "Hey love you busy?" I asked coming in, her house is really nice "Sure! I have nothing else to do so why not,just let me go change" Mia said "Get dressed why you look lovely!" I said "Lovely? I'm in sweats a tank top and a messy bun..." Mia smiled going up her stairs. I never really noticed it but she has a beautiful smile "Arf,arf!" came from the kitchen. I know I shouldn't be snooping but I'm curious,I walked towards the kitchen and saw the most adorable puppy "Hi boy" I lifted it up "Your a boy right" I checked "Yeah a boy, a cute one, you're so cute. With you widdle nose and tiny paws"I said babyish  "You know what would be cute if I got that on tape" I turned to see Mia "Hehe sorry" I handed her the dog "You don't need to be sorry it was cute and a moment to remember" "ha!" "Really, give cheerio a kiss I know you want too" Mia picked up cheerio and put him towards my face "No Mia get away!" I ran to her living room "Haha don't be a baby he doesn't bite!" she came running towards me with cheerio in her hands "Mia I love dogs but I don't really like being licked or kissed by one on my pretty face!" I joked "haha pretty face suree,his kisses are soft and quick" she pinned me against the wall "soft and quick?" I asked "Yes..." she looked at my eyes and put cheerio inches away from my face "Ar ar ar" he whined and I could smell the kibble breath. Mia was also inches away from my face and she smelled good. I grabbed Mia gently and pressed our lips together...I rather kiss her than cheerio more depth in the kiss I could feel her smiling,cute I thought "WELL WELL WELL!" we broke away and turned to see Louis "uh eh Hi Louis!" Mia said blushing like crazy "Its not wot you think, I rather kiss Mia than Cheerio" I said blushing too "I was wondering wot was taking long and now I know" Louis said smiling.Mia put cheerio down "ruff ruff!" he ran towards Louis "Miaa!!!!!! pick up your pigeon killer!!!" Louis got on top of the table "I told you he is no pigeon killer!" Mia reached for cheerio and walked towards Louis "Get away!" Yelled Louis "No just hold him or let him lick you he is sweet no killer" Mia said "No Louis that what she did to me and we um kissed..." I played with my feet "Oh well if it gets you to kiss me then sure pucker up Night!" Louis puckered his lips and closed his eyes"If you insist" Mia lifted up cheerio he licked Louis lips "Babe, no offense but your breath smells like kibble" Louis said "HAHAHAAHAHA!!!" Mia and I cracked up and Louis opened his eyes " Whats so funny?" he asked. Mia walked to the crate and put cheerio down "Hahaha nothing!" she said "Louis, Mia's breath doesn't smell like kibble you just kissed cheerio!" I said laughing "fuck you guys!"Louis got off the table "I'm sorry Louis, I just wasn't going to kiss you" Mia said siting on her couch "How come you kissed zayn!?" Louis asked following her "I didn't kiss zayn he kissed me.... I wanted him to kiss cheerio.." She said and I blushed "Whatever! come on love birds!" Louis said running out the door "Louis we are not love birds!" Mia yelled walking out her door waiting for me. 

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