Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


13. Chapter 13- The jog..


Today I want to be alone yeah alone...I can't believe Katy said yes to Niall even though he has no feeling for her what so ever at least I think he doesn't...I decided to go on twitter and see what goes on I find it weird that our directioners find out I'm online quick! "How is everyone?xx" I tweeted right away I got tweets that read 'It's good babe wbu?' 'Horrible but a follow from you will make it better..' 'zaaaynnn foollow meee' 'Good <333' bad' hmm I think I will follow some people today 'Knock Knock' on my bedroom door it's like six am who could it be "It's open" I said and In came Liam no surprise he would be up this early "Zayn I noticed you were online and I was wondering if you want to come on my daily jog?" Liam gave me his best puppy eyes "Aha yes Liam I'll go" "Woo! Really! let me get dressed" Liam said happy and ran to his room. I put on my trainers and walked to the hall "Dude!!! Stretch the other other way I don't want to see your stuff!" I said covering my eyes "Sorry" Liam blushed he is wearing a head band,tank top,short and I mean shorty short shorts,elastic bands around his wrist and a towel around his neck "Your just going to wear trainers?" asked Liam "Yeah I think my trainers a t-shirt and some sweats is good" I smiled "Okay.." Liam walked down the stairs I followed he grabbed the key and put it in the flower pot "We will start at the corner" he said and I ran to the corner while Liam walked like a snail "Save your energy boy" He said finally reaching the corner "We will start off slow then increase as we go, in three okay"Liam said "1,2,3" I yelled this is easy I thought. We jogged two blocks and at the corner Liam picked up the pace and ran. I ran for about a block and I was tired so I stopped and put my hands on my knees "No stopping" Liam yelled running back wards "Wait up" I yelled and ran as fast as I could to catch up Liam stopped at the red light and ran in place not a single sweat "C'mon lad' he said in a peppy you can do it voice. I made it to the light breathing heavily "You alright mate?" he asked "Li-li-lia-am-I-" is what I managed to say and the light turned green. We came across the park and I wanted to pass out "Liam!!!" I yelled with all my force and he stopped "Yes?" he continued jogging in place "I'm going home I am tired as hell! how the heck can you keep going you you super human person thing!" I cached my breath "Hahaha" Liam put his hand on his stomach and laughed "Why are you laughing,I am bloody serious!!" I barked at him "I'll give you a piggy back ride back home" Liam said patting his back,I hopped on and he ran while I was on his back "Slow down!!" I yelled ugh at this pace I think I might loose my voice. Liam stopped "You can run two blocks right?" he asked "Two! no! I'm tired" my voice cracked "You can do it!' I blinked and Liam was off like a horse set free in to the wild "WAIT!" I whined and ran from behind Liam looked like he belongs in those Extreme Workout Films. We finally made it home,I sweaty,tired,hungry,smelly and mad! i turned to the right and saw Liam posing like what we just did was nothing 'You have issues" I pushed him and walked towards the door "Issues its called exercise!" Liam said grabbing the key from the plant "Open the shtupid door I am dieing!" 'Calm down cheese!" "It's Jeez Liam Jeez!" I glared at him and we entered "WE'RE HOME!!!" I crawled through the door and kissed the floor "What did you do to him Liam?" Asked Louis "I took him for a jog.." he smiled "JOG!? THAT WAS A JOG?,THEN I WILL BE FOREVER LAZY!" I yelled with my voice cracking "Join the club" Niall said handing me water "WATEERR!" I drank it dripping some on me and looking like I haven't drank anything in years "Zayn go shower you reek of poop" Liam said "Oh shut it Payne!"

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