Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


12. Chapter 12-What I miss?

Louis Perspective 

"Wot do you suppose is going on?" Harry asked "I have no idea didn't you hear me I said I'm lost" I turned to look at him "Right..." The door open and Katy came in with a BIG smile "Why so smiley?" I asked "Niall's My boyfriend" Katy said "Niall?" Harry and I said in unison "Yup well not my boyfriend but he asked me out"  she said.The door open and entered Liam and Zayn with a face of guilt and sat down. what did I miss?... The door open once more and it was our waitress, about time she comes with our drinks "Sorry for the wait" she placed the drinks to every person area "Is there anything else I can get you?" she asked "May I have a coke and and Horchata" Katy said "I'll be right back" the waitress said yeah right back ha! "Where's Niall and Mia?" asked Harry "I have no idea..." Liam mumbled and looked down, I watched the waitress walk away and when she opened the door I saw Mia. Not the Mia that every time I see her she has a smile but she looked upset and her eyes are red she came and took a seat by me instead of Katy and Liam "Everything alright love?" I whispered and Mia just faced me but I am an eye reader and her eyes told me she was broken but I think I'll keep that to myself "Mia I ordered you an Horchata, I know how you love it" Katy said and Mia just shook her head and faced the telly hmmm the dang door opened again and it was the waitress much faster this time,ya think she can read minds?... "One Horchata and a coke" she placed them down and asked for our orders everyone ordered and Liam ordered for Niall. I got a quesadilla, the ones they sell here are delicious but Niall by far makes the best I have ever eaten. Speaking of Niall he entered the room all eyes were on him and same with him I didn't see the Care Free Mofo but I saw sadness in him and you could tell he was crying. I turned to harry and gave him my 'what did we miss face' and harry did this big eyes creepyish smile hand in the air thing "Hahaha" I turned to my left and Harry's silly face made Mia laugh "Your laugh is adorable" zayn said "Oh um thanks" Mia faced him and I think she blushed I couldn't tell she turned her head quickly but it gave zayn this smile *2HOURSLATER* everyone finished eating and we were on our way out but we didn't want the paps to take pictures of the girls so we said our goodbyes inside, I sticked with Niall cause I wanted to talk with the lad right when I was going to tap his shoulder Katy got to him "When is our date niall?" Katy asked "Oh um how about tomorrow...."Niall said looking at Mia "Can't wait" Katy hugged him and kissed him on the lips I could tell Niall wasn't expecting it,Mia walked away looking mad as hell or it must have been my eyes I'm tired "Bye Niall" Katy walked away "Get some Niall" harry yelled and Niall got his Irish cheeks we all walked to the car and Zayn seemed a little ticked off jeez what did I miss?

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