Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


11. Chapter 11- Misunderstanding...



Zayn said that we are going out to eat since we have been doing so much work. Some fans asked for autographs and pictures and after waiting long 'Lucy's' gave us a private table in a separate room with Big telly's and soft seats sick! We practically sat outside for twenty freaking minutes but I guess it was worth it "What may I get you to drink?" asked the waitress "Orange fizzy drink" said Louis "ohh Fizzy drinks yes! I'll take one too" said Liam "Pepsi" said harry "One Jamaica" I said "What Jamaica?" asked zayn "I don't know how to describe it but it's good oh and so is Horchata" I replied "hmm sounds good one Horchata please" said zayn "Okay I'll be back in a few with your drinks" said the waitress "Don't be long" said harry with a grin and she giggled, this guy! we all turned towards harry "You know she is married mate?" started Liam "How do you know?" Asked Harry "her name tag says MRS. not MS." replied Louis "Pssh that's what they all say" Harry crossed his arms. The door creaked open and I got on my knees to see and it felt like I was just punched in the gut "Hi guys!" Katy came up to the table and greeted us "Kattyy!" Liam got up and hugged her "Hi katy" Louis said harry waved and well I was shocked "Kitty Kat!" zayn got up and hugged Katy "Kitty Kat?" asked harry "oh um its a joke" zayn scratched his head and sat back down "ha Mia why are you hiding?" asked Liam and opened his arms "haha I wasn't trying to" Mia giggled and hugged Liam. Crap that giggle is cute! Mia hugged everyone. Zayn was the last person she hugged and he whispered something inside her ear and she nodded her head "um hi niall"she looked at the ground and then back up "Ha-hi-hi Mi-a" is what I managed to say and she hugged me. She smelled lovely like candy with a dash of amazing. The tables were half chair and half booth, seating arrangements are Mia,Liam sitting together on the booth and Katy and I on the chairs. Zayn and Harry the table next to us in the booth and Louis in a chair solo. "Do you feel better?" Liam asked Mia "Yup i'm glad to be out of the wheel chair" She smiled ahh! not only does she look beautiful in that dress but her beautiful face right in front of me.... I have a nice view while I eat!"Woo hoo?" "What ya starring at niall?" Zayn joked waving his hand "Uh what?" I felt like I was drooling "What were you dreaming about?" He asked again "Oh nothing..." I blushed "Excuse me" Mia said getting up walking towards the door "Same here" Katy followed "Yeah me too" I said getting up "Liam and zayn may I have a word" I asked moving my hands trying to be a gentlemen  "Enjoy Yourselves" Harry smirked at us "Yeh I'm lost..." Louis laid down. we walked down to the hall and I looked both ways making sure Mia wasn't near "Yes Niall" Liam said "Zayn what the heck!" I yelled "Wot? Wot I do?" Zayn Replied "Oh I dunno! wait yeah I do what was that about the what ya looking at Niall?,Do you want to make it obvious I like her!?" I raised my hand in the air "You like her? Who's her?" I turned around to see Mia shit! what should I say "Katy!" Liam blurted out "Yeah Katy..."Zayn shook his head "Katy...oh... um ok, I'll go join the rest" Mia looked hurt "You know niall you should ask her out I bet that would make you happy" she looked at my eyes ugh! "Ask who out?" Katy came right after "Niall has something to tell you" Mia said "No Mia...."I felt like crying "No c'mon Niall don't hide your feelings"Mia eyes were watery and I felt like she was going to burst with anger " would you like to g--oo aout?" I swallowed the lump on my neck what am I thinking! "Me yes! I'd love too!" Katy came and gave me a big hug I didn't hug back I was too busy watching Mia "Goodbye!" she said with teary eyes and walked towards the bathroom "eekk! I'll be inside" Katy kissed my cheek ad walked inside our private eating area  "KATY LIAM KATY!" I glared at him and rummaged through my pocket "Worthless now" I ripped the song tears down my face and I ran out 


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