Is This Love?

Second Fan fic lets see how it goes. I'm not sure how to describe this story but please read :)


10. Chapter 10- We're All Crazy :)


Mia had a big smile on her face, I don't think she liked the wheel chair. In the hospital when I mentioned to Mia if she remembered the boys I asked such a dumb question because we haven't seen them in three days. Well we haven't seen Harry and Louis in three days and Liam,Niall,Zayn in four. Zayn keeps asking if Mia and I can join them to eat and start over since the first time didn't go so well... "Mia want to go out to a restaurant and celebrate that your not in the wheel chair anymore?" I asked pulling into Mia's driveway and watching the garage go up "Sure!" she smiled hmm I should call Zayn and tell him I pressed the button and the garage closed as we walk in we are greeted by cheerio. The few days I spent with Mia ,Cheerio has really grown on me. I love that dog. "When are we going to the restaurant?" Asked Mia "I dunno" I shrugged my shoulders "Oh well in the doctors office what were you telling me about the boys?" she said " Oh um it's nothing now..." I replied "Well where are the boys I haven't seen them in a while?" Mia asked another darn question "Oh you know Simon has them doing stuff cause their album is coming out soon" I said "Oh that explains,I'ma  go shower" Mia walked up the stairs jeez so many questions I took out my phone and dialed Zayn I giggled knowing that on my phone his name is Hot stuff but he doesn't know it "Hello?" you could here that Bradford accent on the line "Hi Zayn" I smiled knowing he can't see me "hay Katy Vas Happenin?" "Nothing much just called to see if ya'll are busy?" "nah finally all gigs are done and we just need our album to air" "Perfect! so is that a yes?" "Yup what time should the lad and I be there or?" "Um I think it's easier if you meet us at the place..." "Alright where? and when?" "That's the thing I don't know where?" "Nandos?" "No somewhere different" "Ohh! How about Lucy's? its a Mexican Restaurant they have the best food and everything" "okay can you text me the address?" "Sure love but when ya get here ask for Malik reservation" "Thanks see you guys in a few bye!" I hanged up about two minutes later zayn sent me the address to the place and I inserted it in the GPS "Katy!?" I heard someone call my name. I walked back inside the house "Boo!" "What the fudge! you scared me!" "Ruff ruff ruff" Came cheerio to protect me I hope "Haha I thought you left me..haa" said Mia "No!"I glared at her "Sorry,um so what should I wear?" "Some apology... I don't know you have your own style ms.London" I walked away "I'm sorry for scaring you Kat" Mia tried giving me a hug " A dress I guess" we walked up the stairs "Ok" "Yeah I'm going to get dressed crazy" I said "Me crazy? girrll we all crazy" Mia bumped my shoulder and we laughed "Ar ar arf! ar" whined Cheerio "You want love too boooyyyy?" I lifted him up and he licked my face "Cheerio she's dirty" Mia joked "Eat her!" I lifted cheerio and put him all over Mia "eh stop stop" Mia said in between laughs 


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