Strong Love

Valerie Thompson is a 19 year old girl wanting to go on an adventure in her life. Boys have come and go, close friends have moved on, and family is far away. Valerie didn't know that an adventure was coming towards her, but not in the best way. 5 amazing guys will come into the picture and change her life forever. Valerie will have to make some big decisions and have to hurt people in the process. Who will she choose?


5. Seeing Liam

We continued walking and out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy, that won a teddy bear for his girlfriend. Aw how sweet! That was until she took it and ripped the head off. "I didn't want that bear! I wanted the pink one"! She yelled in his face. His face saddened and he looked to the ground. "You know what Liam, if you can't get me what I want then, we are done"! She screamed in front of everyone. "No no please! I love you Shay, don't leave me"! She ripped a necklace off her neck and threw it at him. Just like that she walked away leaving him on his knees. "Liam, he's a sweet boy. He only wants to give a girl love and make her happy. I don't know why he stayed with her for such a long time, she's such a bitch to everyone" she said as we kept walking around. Liam was a good looking guy and sounded like a sweetheart.

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